How are these companies allowed get to away with this?

Yesterday, my wife got a text message simply saying “Call us on 316-263-1051” – Personally I would have simply ignored it as I am not going to call a number in a text message without knowing who the text is from. But my wife did call the number and when the call was answered; the representative did not give her name or the company name when asked. She claimed that we owed almost $750 in medical co-pays which we know is bullshit as we pay all our co-pays because the doctor won’t even see us unless it is paid at the appointment time. The representative from the debt collection agency did tell my wife after being asked several times what the company was called; and that name is “Midwest Service Bureau, Inc” – Basically the representative forced my wife into given out bank details to pay $75 per month on the debt, threatening court action. To say the least I was not happy; these people send a text message asking to call a number then fail to inform my wife of the company name or the representatives name. I would not pay them a penny until I can confirm what exactly the debt is for; with a itemised statement of charges. This is just another reason I really dislike the United States, as a consumer you have very few rights. I can’t think of single reason why anyone from Europe (with the exception of Eastern block countries) would want to come the the US for a better life. With the exception of my family, my standard of life has gone down considerably especially as I can’t get a damn job here for some unknown reason despite being highly qualified to do the jobs I am applying for!

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