Massive Disappointment: Man City 3 – 0 Liverpool

Liverpool are currently only point away from the bottom three of the Premier League after their massively disappointing performance against Manchester City. I actually watched this game on the Sky Player and frankly I wish that I didn’t; Liverpool looked like they weren’t even at the game, comprehensively outplayed and the 3 – 0 scoreline reflected that. It has hardly been an auspicious start to Roy Hodgson’s Liverpool managerial career. It doesn’t help that the team’s financial future is in flux with the sale of the club progressing slowly. And a certain ungrateful Argentinian player wanting to leave Anfield all the sudden. These players have contracts and I believe they should honour that contract. Anyway, that’s besides the points, one point from two fixtures is hardly good for a team that has been part of the big four teams for some time, Liverpool seems to have taken a step backwards again this year; this is looking more like mid table obscurity form than challenging for any silverware form. It’s been a tough start to the season, Arsenal and Manchester City in the first two games is tough going, but that’s no excuse for their form! The next game is a must win for Liverpool; the Reds host West Brom at Anfield next weekend; three points are essential if Liverpool hope to hold onto the tails of Chelsea, Manchester United, City and Arsenal.

Of course more chaos on the school run this morning, As usual I can not find a parking space near the school, dropped Conner off making sure he went into the school building and drove off around the block as usual. But this time, there is a huge tailback because of the school’s stupid drop-off procedure. I decided that I would just drive around them; of course because of the drop off system, people are pulling out in front of me from the drop off lane without looking of course and I end up on the wrong side of the road because no-one would let me back in after being pushed out by idiotic drivers not looking where they are going. At this point I see the red mist and decide to speed off down a side street (hoping is was a through road) as I was blocking traffic myself at this point. The local authority need to do better to create a better traffic management system for the school, there’s a huge patch of grass that is completely unused, why don’t they make that into a parking lot for parents with younger children to park while they drop off their kids? It’s seems that local authority members don’t have one working brain cell between them!!!

This was sent to me by my friend Tomas… ENJOY!!!

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