Region 2 Goodness!

I got my new multi region DVD player today and it works just fine although it wasn’t region unlocked when I got it. But the seller did enclose instructions on how to make the DVD player region free; a dozen key-presses later and I could play my Region 2 DVD’s. The DVD player itself is very good; picture is sharp and the upscaling works fantastically, although the “original” aspect ratio seems not to work, it stretches out 4:3 DVD’s to fill the screen. I’m one of these people that prefers to watch the DVD in it’s intended aspect ratio. But it’s a relatively small issue as 98% of my DVD’s are in 16:9 ratio. Right now I am watching Daylight and earlier I watched Iron Maiden’s “Death on the Road” concert so I am a happy camper. Over the weekend Erin and I plan to have a Star Trek movie marathon as I have all 10 movies (Original cast and The Next Generation). If you happen to have a Toshiba XDE-500 DVD player; the below directions will make it region free:

All the below actions need to be completed using the remote control.

   1. Power the unit ON.
   2. Make sure there is no disc present and press the open/close tray button.
   3. Key in 2, 4, 0, 3, 9, 6, 0 in a quick and sequential manner.
   4. Press 9.
   5. Close the tray by pressing the open/close tray button.
   6. Turn the unit off and back on again, your DVD player should now be region free.

Also earlier in the week I elected to reformat my computer and reinstall Windows 7 as I somehow managed to pick up a virus which spawned a process called “dllhost.exe” which hogged 50% of my CPU making the whole system feel sluggish. After researching the issue, it appeared that I had been infected by the W32.Welchia worm but I could find no evidence of the worm following the removal instructions, I ran a full anti-virus scan with AVG and full Spyware scan with Spybot Search & Destroy, neither application found any nasties. So I decided to go it alone and deleted the dllhost.exe file, rebooted and it switched to explorer.exe, again running the CPU at 50% with no other applications running. At this point I decided to back up my files to the external HDD and reinstalled Windows. I could have spent days chasing my own tail trying to resolve this issue, the reinstall (including applications) only took half a day thanks to my shiny new 12Mb net connection!

Now for something a little less technical, cricket! What the hell is going on with England’s batsmen in the last two games? Strauss, Cook, Pietersen, Collingwood and Morgan made a total of 23 runs with the later three going for a duck. Jonathan Trott scored an unbeaten 149 from 302 balls while Stuart Broad batting at no.9 hit a unbeaten 125 from 220 deliveries. England finished day two on a reasonably healthy 346 for 7 thanks to Trott and Broad. Time for a change of batsmen; there are plenty of excellent county players out there, draft some of them in and get rid of the useless centrally contracted players. Make them work for their place instead of being gifted places regardless of form; hell Pietersen doesn’t even play for a county right now! When five of the countries so-called top batsmen are embarrassed by a no.9 batsmen, it’s a damn disgrace!

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