Unacceptable Behaviour!

Over recent weeks, Conner my son’s behaviour has become atrocious. A bit a background before I go on, Conner has been attending the Happy Hearts day camp here in Wichita. He has shown a serious dislike for going to day camp after the first few weeks, I had to push him though the door on Tuesday morning. I have not been taking him to day camp since that day as we don’t seem to be able to get any answers to why he is so resistant to going in. Something must have happened there as he was fine for the first couple of weeks. I mentioned all that above because he wasn’t like this before attended day camp. Some of the things he does; Conner is very demanding; “I WANT” all the time and then throws a tantrum when he doesn’t get his own way. He refuses to use manners unless we force him to say “please” or “thank you” and doesn’t even acknowledge people talking to him when playing any sort of computer game, handheld or otherwise. Last night he got up after being sent to bed early for being rude and talking back after we spent the whole day trying to do something nice for him. Taking Conner to Exploration Place and buying him some new Speed Racer toys. He demanded that Erin give him water; and then snatched it out of her hand, no thank you, nothing. Personally I would have snatched it back and sent him straight back to bed. This morning Conner woke up the baby by screaming at the top of his lungs “It’s my birthday” because he didn’t get his own way. Right now he will be spending his entire birthday in his room, I will not be dictated to by a six year old; he is autistic but I don’t believe that’s the reason for his behaviour as this is a new behaviour in the past few weeks. I have made it clear that unless he can act right he won’t have nice things happen to him! Obviously every child has a certain level of disobedience but it has been constant in the past three to four weeks!

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