Worrying Signs – Argyle Lose First Home League Game!

Plymouth Argyle have drawn their first home league game of the season against Carlisle. Like last season Argyle concede first and then have to chase the game to claim a draw. Carlisle’s Ian Harte found space amongst the Argyle defence to score a headed goal from six yards in the 68th minute followed by 25 minutes of frantic Argyle attack looking for an equaliser. The Pilgrims found the required equaliser deep in added time, Rory Patterson brought things level in the 94th minute of the game placing the ball in the bottom right of the Carlisle net from 8 yards out. Patterson almost equalised for Argyle earlier in the game with an angled shot that he pulled slightly wide of the post. I am worried for the rest of the season as Argyle did this last season, conceding first at home and having to chase the game, often equalising but not the way the game should be played at Home Park. This is one of the reasons why Argyle went down last season, throwing away too many points at home. Despite this draw Argyle have moved upto seventh place in the league because three other games ended in a draw. Hopefully Plymouth can up their home form to challenge for promotion this season, it’s early days so far but it’s worrying non-the-less.

Liverpool start their Premiership campaign tomorrow facing Arsenal at Anfield. Definitely not an easy game to start the season with especially given that Chelsea thumped newly promoted West Brom 6 – 0 at Stamford Bridge. Surprise of the day was Premier League new arrivals Blackpool, managed by former Argyle manager Ian Holloway, thumping Wigan 4 – 0. Manchester United also play tomorrow but have an easier game facing Newcastle United who are likely to be a little rusty playing in the Championship last season. The question is; are big spenders Manchester United and Chelsea too strong for anyone else to be able to win the Premiership title this season.

Back to life here in Kansas, it seems that my autistic son Conner is unable to perceive people in distress often finding people getting hurt funny, this has gotten progressively worse as he has gotten older which worries me for his future, will he be living with us indefinitely? Today I was on the phone with my Dad while my daughter Alya crawled into Conner’s room, picked up a piece of lint on the floor and choked on it, Conner was just sat there completely impassive to his sister being is distress, it was lucky I was wandering around the apartment and noticed her choking. From now on I won’t be allowing her to play in Conner’s room for the above reason and he has no concept of other people, often barging through people, I’m worried he might kick her as he’s running around like a lunatic! Conner has no concept of hurting other people; often he will run and jump on Erin or I hurting us as he isn’t small anymore having just turned six. He shows no remorse for his actions, obvious this is an issue with the baby, he may unintentionally hurt his sister. Erin wants to move Alya into Conner’s room, a move that I am opposed to because Conner doesn’t have the ability to empathise with others, bottom line is I don’t trust him to not unintentionally hurt Alya especially as he does have a temper and has shouted at Alya before.

I discovered that I can watch Sky TV online through the SkyPlayer website, because my father is a subscriber I can watch online but that is only in effect until the end of this year. When my father will have to pay an additional £10 for a multi-room subscription, which I will not be asking him to do, I don’t see why it should be £10 for a 30 channel line-up online when it’s the same for a second box in another room with the full line-up of channels. I mainly wanted the Sky online streaming because of the Premiership football and the England cricket, mainly The Ashes tour which starts in December! It’s not like I will be able to watch the Ashes on TV here in the US, most Americans haven’t even heard of cricket, let alone know anything about the game!

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