Ferrari Get Away With It Again!

Ferrari have escaped further punishment at the World Motor Sport Council hearing in Paris on this Wednesday afternoon. Ferrari were already found guilty by the stewards at the German Grand Prix of issuing team orders allowing Fernando Alonso to win the German GP. On lap 49 of the race; Felipe Massa received a radio message from his engineer saying “Fernando is faster than you. Can you confirm you understand?”, moments later Massa slowed down to allow Alonso to pass to take the lead of the race. Then a further message came from Massa’s engineer saying “Good lad. Just stick with it now. Sorry.” If that is not an open and shut case I don’t know what is? Clearly Massa’s engineer Rob Smedley was not happy with the decision given his second message to Massa. Ferrari’s punishment for blatantly flouting the rules is a punitive fine of $100,000 which was dished out by the stewards on race day, $100,000 is a nothing amount of money for a team like Ferrari. Frankly the FIA have shown what a spineless organisation they are by failing to punish Ferrari for breaking the rules; what makes it worse is the cynical nature in which Ferrari broke the rules, frankly the Maranello based team are taking the piss out of the FIA! If Alonso wins the world title this year (unlikely I know) by two or less points, this years championship will be seen as a complete sham! I really hope that Ferrari get well and truly trampled at this weekends Italian GP by McLaren, Red Bull and Renault.. and Williams.. and Force India.. and Sauber, Lotus, Virgin and HRT! The FIA might as well just ditch the ban on team orders as they are clearly not going to enforce the rule; another shambolic day at the FIA HQ!

This next story concerns the height of idiocy! A small American church have announced they plan to burn a pile of Koran’s on the anniversary of 9/11. This being America, despite the worldwide condemnation of the planned act, nothing will be done to stop this happening despite the fact it blatantly breaks US law, inciting racial violence. This act will simply inflame the situation, more and more Muslims will be inspired to become extremists against America, starting a holy war within the United States. And America wonders why they have such a bad image on the World stage! Not all Muslims are extremists, terrorists or suicide bombers, it’s unfair to tar all Muslims with the same brush as those who committed the atrocious attack the world trade center.

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