More team orders controversy!

The fallout from the lack of further punishment against Ferrari for implementing team orders continues. The findings are that Ferrari are guilty of implementing team orders but there is not enough evidence to punish Ferrari further. I really don’t understand the logic of that decision, if Ferrari have been found guilty of implementing team orders or as I like to call it; race fixing then there must be enough evidence to prove team orders were used and further action should be taken as the rule was broken in such a blatant and cynical way. From what I can see is Ferrari got away with it because of the FIA’s inability to police the rule effectively; other teams have gotten away with it in the past so Ferrari could not be punished for a crime when other teams have not been punished. Of course Ferrari threatened to take legal action if further sanctions were forthcoming. I would rather Ferrari were punished further and other teams that have used team orders this season were also punished in the same manner; either being excluded from that weekend, losing any points earned or have the positions swapped back; that way Ferrari have no legal basis for action in the law courts as everyone has been punished equally. Ferrari are claiming that the radio messages were to encourage Massa to get on with it; and Massa pulled aside for Alonso because he felt he couldn’t keep Alonso behind. The messages “Fernando is faster than you, can you confirm you understand?” followed by “good lad, stick with it, sorry” – that doesn’t sound like Massa willingly pulled over! The message that has been sent to all teams is that $100,000 is the price for implementing team orders; if another team gets heavier punishment this season for implementing team orders, F1 will lose what little credibility it has left! From a fan point of view; team orders ruin the spectacle of racing; back in the early 90s when I started watching F1; drivers and team mates were always going wheel to wheel and it was exciting to watch. In modern F1; drivers are being instructed to hold station or allow their team mate pass when there are still hundreds of points available. That is not racing; that’s synchronised driving! If it’s truly a team sport; ditch the drivers’ championship completely. I don’t see how there can be a team championship and a singular drivers championship, those two championships conflict with each other if team mates are not allowed to race each other! Even if it hasn’t been officially said, we now know that the team orders rule will be gone by the start of next season but what will it be replaced with? The prior rule stated “It is perfectly legitimate for a team to decide that one of its drivers is the championship contender and the other will support him. What is not acceptable in the World Council’s view is any arrangement which interferes with a race and cannot be justified by the relevant team’s interest in the championship.” – Even under this rule Ferrari would have still been guilty as it was not in the interests of the championship with 225pts still available! Will the previous rule be reinstated or will we have no rule for controlling what is basically race fixing! I fully expect team orders to be allowed unconditionally which is ruin the sport in my eyes; but what does my opinion matter; I’m only a fan and I know nothing about F1!

Just done some math and if Felipe Massa wasn’t required to yield to Fernando Alonso at the German Grand Prix he would only be 18 points behind the Spaniard in the drivers standings! Which makes Ferrari’s decision to give Alonso priority in the championship even more ridiculous as Massa has scored more points than Alonso since the now infamous switcheroo. Massa can not overtake Alonso in the championship now because of Ferrari’s actions. I really want Massa to outscore Alonso in the remaining seven races to overtake the moaning-prima-donna in the drivers championship and make Ferrari’s decision look all the more stupid, this sort of bullshit is the main reason I do not like Ferrari; the team that seems to think they are bigger than the sport!

It seems that the Koran burning that was due to take place in Gainesville, Florida has been postponed after Pastor Terry Jones forced an agreement that a planned Mosque near Ground Zero in New York would be relocated. These claims have been somewhat disputed by the Imam of New York who claims that Jones misrepresented his words. Apparently burning the Koran is totally legal in the United States because of the first amendment which entitles everyone the right to free speech, the fact that it is inciting religious intolerance doesn’t seem to matter!

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