My wife’s injuries are worse than we thought!

Erin went to get checked out by her chiropractor and the news isn’t good, Erin has one of her vertebrae at the top of her spine pushed up towards her skull. There is further damage in Erin’s skull; apparently there are some bones displaced. I’m not sure if that is a completely accurate description of the injuries, I’m no doctor but that’s the impression I got from the x-rays and chiropractors description. We are looking at getting a lawyer to get the maximum payout from the insurance company as Erin might have permanent injuries. Right now Erin is getting very little sleep because she is in constant pain even with the drugs prescribed by the doctor. It just goes to show how hard we were hit from behind, the fact that Erin’s passenger seat got buckled when the seat beat pulled her back after being thrown forward from the impact. We could be looking at a very good settlement out of this; I’m not one for chasing the money but if Erin is permanently injured, her quality of life won’t be very good. Not being able to sleep because of the pain, I can’t touch Erin without causing her pain, it’s painful for her to drive and to pick up the baby and play with the kids. And over time it’s likely to get worse, maybe even leading to permanent disability. All this is speculation on my part about what might happen in the future but it’s a real possibility.

At least we have gotten our hire car, my two door Chevy Cavalier isn’t the most practical for transporting kids; it’s a 2011 Ford Fiesta. I have been fairly impressed with it, very well spec’ed, easy to drive, almost feels fly by wire controls, but the downside to that is it doesn’t have much feedback from the road. It has lots of gadgets including mp3 playback from USB which I like, Bluetooth phone sync, only thing missing is sat nav. But the car doesn’t replace my wife’s health!

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