Nationwide “is on your side”, one word from me, BULLSHIT!

As described yesterday, we were in a car wreck; being rear ended by a student in his father’s Toyota Celica. Because Kansas is a no-fault state we need to go through our insurance to claim from the other drivers insurance. So we duly called up Nationwide last night after getting home after the wreck and started the claim and were told that an adjuster would be in contact within 24 hours and we heard nothing, left a number of messages for this adjuster, still no call back. So we call back again and get transferred to the same voicemail time and time again in between being cut off mid-call! It’s now midnight an still no call back, so I will call them tomorrow and see if I have more luck, it’s getting to the point now where we are considering legal action after reading a dozen complaints about Nationwide Insurance from 245,000 pages of complaints. Erin went to the doctor today and has been prescribed pain and anti-inflammatory drugs for her back and neck which was injured in the shunt. We are also awaiting results of an X-ray taken today. I am not a fan of suing people and companies but in this case I suspect it’s the only way to get compensation for injuries and damage to the car is to sue the driver and/or owner, plus the insurance company for inaction! Just another reason for me to dislike the way things work in the United States!

[Update: 16/11/2010 17:22] We finally got some answers from our insurance company after being hung up on and transferred to voicemail again. We had to talk to a supervisor to get any joy and the outcome; they told us that we would have to chase up the other drivers insurance, which is fine but I am pissed because they could have told us that two days ago. Nationwide insurance treat their customers like crap; why give us the run around for two days; it was a simple answer that was required and it took two days and a dozen phone calls to get that information, very poor customer service. Suffice to say we will be looking at alternative insurance once this is over and done with. I don’t mind having to do all the legwork with the other driver’s insurer but a straight answer would have saved me two whole days. So I called up the other driver’s insurer, who were part of Triple A and reported the incident and I was given the adjusters name, extension number and a reference number with a promise that their adjuster will call me in the morning. Let’s see if this company can do as they promise, Nationwide are absolutely useless, maybe people online have called them liars, criminals and cheats and our experience seems to confirm that conclusion!

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