Net Neutrality: On Its Last Legs?

In the UK, culture minister Ed Vaizey has given his backing to a two tier internet system, which will end net neutrality. For those not initiated, net neutrality means that all network traffic must be treated equally, not filtered, restricted or blocked; but the planned move will mean that sites like the BBC iPlayer and Google’s services such as YouTube would have to pay ISP’s for its users to access their services or the users themselves would have to pay extra to use online video streaming services. In the US; president Obama has backed net neutrality and regulators have threatened legal action if ISP’s restrict or block traffic to specific sites. The end of net neutrality will mean the end of freedom of speech online and innovation on the internet. It will mean the end of everything that is great about the internet. I believe that it’s up to the ISP’s to create a network that is capable of running the latest in web innovations. Obviously ISP’s can charge different rates for different internet connection speeds which I have no issue with; if you want stable HD video streaming then you have to pay extra for that extra speed required.

Gran Turismo 5 has been given a new release date and that date is a week today on the 24th November. Hopefully they can hit their third release date? Although annoyingly I will probably have to wait until December as the money I had set aside to buy the game earlier this month was spent on a PS Move and Eye plus Sports Champions game for my son Conner instead as I didn’t expect the game to be released until Christmas or even next year as some rumours suggested.

[Update: 17/11/2010 14:18] News on the insurance front, I didn’t receive a phone call as promised in the morning so I called and left a message for the adjuster on the extension provided. That adjuster still hasn’t called back, but another adjuster called me and we have arranged for our car to be towed to a shop and we’ll pick up our rental car tomorrow. I have called both the shop and the rental company to make sure that everything has been organised as the adjuster told me. I have little trust in what these people from insurance companies have to say given the run-around we have been given since the accident between the two insurance companies. I explained everything to the AAA adjuster and we could get a good compensation package given my wife’s injuries due to the accident, hopefully that’ll be true as it’ll allow us to get a decent car to replace our car should it not be possible to fixed the car economically.

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