Plymouth Argyle: On a Slippery Slope?

Plymouth Argyle have slumped to a third home defeat in two weeks, four losses in total including the 0 – 1 defeat to Tranmere. The latest team to leave Home Park with 3 points was Brentford. Peter Reid has said that he can’t fault the effort of his team; but I say in response, if you can’t fault the effort, then it must be a lack of quality in the squad. Both Brentford goals came from dead ball situations, Plymouth failed to mark their players and close down empty space, denying the opposition the ball especially at home. Three home defeats in a two week period of time is exceptionally poor form and that form means that Argyle are down to 20th place, just three points off the drop zone. Inevitably; calls for the head of Peter Reid are appearing on the usual channels, BBC forums, club forums, Facebook and Twitter. I fear that if results don’t change by the January transfer window, Reid could be shown the door and a temporary manager put in place. Which; in my personal opinion will mean certain relegation for the Pilgrims! A better solution would be a get rid of the dead wood and get in quality players which the current squad seem to be lacking. With the exception of a couple of good wins, Plymouth has been poor on the whole. Let’s hope that the Argyle board see sense and allow Reid to mould a team, bring in new players and show others the door! One thing is for sure, Argyle can not continue underperforming like this!!!

Liverpool on the other hand had a strong win against West Ham, three first half goals were enough to seal the victory at Anfield. Glen Johnson, Dirk Kuyt and Maxi Rodriquez were the scorers while Liverpool ran rampant over the Hammers. It could have been many more if it weren’t for Robert Green stopping numerous shots. The Reds are up to ninth in the league which is disappointing as they could have been up in the top four if it wasn’t for their 2 – 0 loss to Stoke and 1- 1 draw with Wigan. Liverpool’s next opposition is Spurs who are conveniently three points ahead of Liverpool in sixth place. Liverpool need to improve their game to finish in the top four, even winning the league is possible with Chelsea and Manchester United being inconsistent at this time. Effectively Liverpool are just three or four wins away from the top of the league should other results go their way! But I feel that NESV need to get rid of the weakest link; which I believe to be Roy Hodgson, I believe he is too naive to be managing a top class team like Liverpool!

In personal news here in Kansas; it’s a week on since we were shunted from behind by a WSU college student. Erin is still in serious pain, having trouble sleeping, even suffering pain from gentle acceleration and braking in the car, I can’t even give her a huge without causing her pain. We are definitely going to be looking into getting a lawyer as it looks like Erin could have long term injuries. Another worry is my daughter Alya; she was checked out and deemed fine by the hospital but she is acting strange. Alya is sleeping an awful lot, which is massively out of the ordinary. She has also been laying her head on the ground an awful lot, again something she didn’t do before. And the last couple of days she has been seemingly banging her head on the floor deliberately. Is it just me being an overprotective father or is there realy something wrong?

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