Sebastian Vettel snatches WDC from under Alonso’s nose!

German Sebastian Vettel won the Abu Dhabi GP from green light to chequered flag to become the youngest driver to become F1 world champion despite not leading the championship before finishing today’s race to claim his maiden F1 title. I can’t say that I am a Vettel fan but I can appreciate talent and this guy has it in spades plus he has many years ahead of him, is he the next Michael Schumacher as prophesised? We all thought that Mark Webber was in the box seat; everyone was talking about Vettel moving over for Webber to take the title. But that all faded away in qualifying with Webber only managing fifth fastest and just went backwards in the race to finish eighth. I’m sure that there will be conspiracy theories that Webber’s car was underpowered to not be a threat to Vettel, but I just think Mark crumbled under the pressure in the final few races. Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button finished in second and third respectively ahead of Nico Rosberg who has impressed in his first season with Mercedes comprehensively beating seven time world champion Michael Schumacher. Renault had a strong showing in the final race of the season with a fifth and sixth place finish. Vitaly Petrov made a good case for being retained by Renault next season holding off the advances of title contender Fernando Alonso. Ferrari made a tactical error which ultimately cost Alonso; they brought the Spaniard in from fourth in response to Red Bull pitting Webber which cost both drivers dear coming out behind a whole bunch of slower cars. Alonso cruised up behind Petrov’s Renault and failed to make an impact on the Russian following the Renault home to seventh place. Before the race started no-one really thought that Vettel had a chance of winning the drivers title with Alonso ahead of Webber on the grid with the Spaniard only needing a fourth place finish. But all credit to the German driver; he did what he needed to do and walked away with the 2010 driver’s crown!

Overall from a personal point of view; 2010 has been a good year; Jenson Button was not blown away by Lewis Hamilton as predicted; he’s shown he is a very capable driver against top opposition. And if it weren’t for Jenson’s retirement in Monaco because an engineer left a bung in the radiator causing his engine to expire and being taken out of the Belgian GP by the new world champion, he would have been closer to Hamilton or even ahead. Jenson has not really made a mistake this season; he’s had some bad races; Korea being a prime example of that, which I believe was caused by poor setup more than anything. I’m not sure what happened in qualifying, he’s been poor in qualifying for most of the year but recovered to a decent result in the race in most cases. I think overall Jenson can be happy with his performance this season even converting some hard core Hamilton fans in the process. Mark Webber has done spectacularly well but didn’t get the job done when it counted, I really did want Mark to win the drivers title this season; how many more chances will he get? A special mention has to go to Kamui Kobayashi who set F1 alight this season with his uncompromising overtaking style, a real star for the future I believe!

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