Car Wreck! click to see more photos.Today had been a good day on the whole, watched the Abu Dhabi GP; my wife cooked me breakfast, we chilled out for a few hours before visiting my mother-in-law. Then we left to come home about 6pm then about quarter mile down the road while stopped at a four way stop sign we got rear ended by a student driving a Toyota Celica GTS. Thankfully the kids are fine, but Erin and I are suffering from back and neck pains. The driver of the Celica claimed he had a brake failure but I find that hard to believe as he told no avoiding action. If you discover that your brakes aren’t working, wouldn’t you take avoiding action? He hit our car square on as the damage shows. Now we have to wait for the slow and tedious insurance claims process, but looking at the damage and the value of the car being only $2,200; I can see the car being written off as an insurance write-off which will mean we will only get back the current value. Which will be disastrous as we won’t be able to get a decent car for that money. I still have my Cavalier but that isn’t the most practical car for a family being a two door coupe. Let’s hope for a quick resolution of the insurance claim! But I do have to say well done Ford for creating a safe family car; considering how hard we were hit, the car stood up very well and everyone walked away with little to no injuries! I’m just happy that were were not hit by one of the trucks that are so prevailent here in the state of Kansas!

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