Apparently, Julian Assange’s arrest warrant is for “rape”.

After my last blog entry I was wondering why Julian Assange had an arrest warrant out on him? and we find out it because of a rape charge in Sweden. If he is really guilty of rape then he deserves all he gets but I wonder about the validity of this charge. I find it strange how all this is coming out now during the cablegate affair. Is this the US government trying to get the Australian on something because he hadn’t broken any laws by publishing the cables? In the meantime, VISA have blocked any transactions to Assange or the wikileaks website, this move follows suit with Paypal and Mastercard. I read a brilliant quote on Twitter “The KKK can accept payments via Visa and PayPal, but #WikiLeaks cannot. What a just world we live in.” – So a bunch of racists bastards who have perpetrated thousands if not millions of crimes, including murder against “minorities” are held in higher regard than a man who is just trying to preserve our right to freedom of information! Well done Paypal, Mastercard and VISA! Another news story to come out of the cablegate scandal is that Lockerbie bomber al-Megrahi was released for fear of recriminations and sanctions from Colonel Gaddafi’s, Libya. The Libyan leader had allegedly made threats of sanctions if al-Megrahi died in a Scottish jail, the official reason why al-Megrahi was released was compassionate reasons, the man was found guilty of murdering 270 people, he should have died in jail, no if’s, ands or buts!!! It’s amazing how much information is withheld from the public, in my opinion; we need people like Assange and Wikileaks to keep the public in the loop!

Plymouth Argyle have been given a stay of execution, the club has been given a further 63 days to get the money together to pay their outstanding tax bill. The Pilgrims and Home Park Properties have a tax bill of £760,000, which makes me wonder what sort of mismanagement has been happening since Paul Stapleton sold up. The club have a refinancing plan which will reduce the debt to £280,000 by January from a mixture of their own funds and money owed to the club by the football association. The rest of the money is likely to be made up by selling players in the January transfer window, I really hope that doesn’t include the good players Argyle have, let’s get rid of the dead wood instead of selling the top talent, which admittedly is thin on the ground!

Confused; you bet I am! About an hour ago I get a call from Calista from Spherion asking me to come back and work for CCH Wolters Kluwer at the personal request of my supervisor from last year. Previously when the job was first advertised in August this season, I went in to apply for the position I will start on Monday and was told that I was not on a call back list so I could not apply for the same position, which flies in the face of what transpired today. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy that I am back in work but at the same time bemused as I could have been working back in September. Previously I was very critical of the CCH business model, electing to hire new inexperienced people, some without a background in technical support instead of bringing experienced people back, now I’m thinking it’s a Spherion screw-up as the person at Spherion that told me that I can’t reapply for the same position is no longer there, read into that what you will!

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