Best Buy disappoints again!

Yesterday as a Christmas present I receive a Best Buy gift card. So I decide to go to Best Buy this morning with the $50 gift card to buy a 2TB hard disk I saw on their website. I arrive at the store and quickly locate the product, look at the price tag and it says $159.95, a full $50 more than the website price. Obviously I was not going to pay $50 more for the same product I can get online for $110 and less on some sites. So I ask a CSR (customer service representative); why the store price is so different from the website price? He answered; the online price is less because they don’t have to pay people to assist and serve customers. Then I asked; what difference does it make as I can order it online and pick it up from the store? He answered that the website (which he explained was a separate company) will reimburse the store. The CSR suggested that I speak to a manager and ask about price matching, which I agreed! Upon talking to the manager, who incidentally had a shitty attitude, he refused point blank to give me the same price as the website and went on to tell me that I could not redeem the gift card online. And he kept going, trying to explain that I would only be paying $109.95 with the gift card. Then I explained that if that’s the case, I could go to another online retailer and get the hard disk for $20 cheaper, the only reason I was even in Best Buy was because I had the gift card. This isn’t the first time that I have been disappointed by Best Buy here in Wichita, there was a previous case of trying to charge me $30 more than the price that was marked in-store, I won that battle and got the extra $30 removed from the price. The end result was that I ordered it online; paid the $109.95 and I used the gift card which I was not supposed to be able to use and went back to the store, I saved $50 by taking an extra 30 minutes to complete my order. This is why I nearly always use Ebay, Amazon or to buy my small electronic products! And when I went up to pick up the order; they hadn’t even picked it from the shelf; it was still on display for anyone to buy (it was the last one as well), well done Best Buy, you get half a star; and that is only because you eventually found the product after leaving me standing on the checkout for five minutes.

England are looking in a good position to retain the Ashes after bowling Australia out for 98, not a single Australian player made it past 20 runs. It took just 42 overs to demolish the Australian attack; this must be a real low point for Ricky Ponting as Australian captain! Both James Anderson and Chris Tremlett claimed four wickets apiece while Tim Bresnan picked up the remaining two wickets. England finished day one on 157 for no loss of wicket; Andrew Strauss on 64 runs and Alistair Cook on 80 runs. England do have a habit of throwing away commanding positions but hopefully this time around this will not be the case. If England can knock up 500 runs in the next day and a half, then put the Aussies into bat and have a bowl, I have a feeling the Ponting’s XI will be very vulnerable and the English bowlers will be in fighting form. A lead of over 400 will do nicely, should be an almost certain victory unless Australia can dig in and play for a draw!

Christmas was a low key affair really, only my wife, two kids, mother-in-law and I. My brother-in-law who was supposed to be flying in from California yesterday missed his flight because he was sent to the wrong terminal. I guess that’s why they say you should always arrive two hours early, but it’s a poor show on the part of the airline. I got as mentioned above; a Best Buy gift card, a kitchen knife set, a toaster oven and a whistle kettle. Conner got loads of stuff; Scrabble Flash electronic game, Sorry Spin board game, Vtech MobiGo learning electronic game, lot’s of drawing/colouring supplies plus some other small card based games which he enjoys playing. Alya got a baby’s learning laptop and a couple of dolls she will inevitably eat. Both kids got clothes from their grandmother; although I think clothes make rubbish presents for kids as Conner proved by throwing them on the floor and moving to the next present! Erin got a new hand bag from her mother, just what she needs; another handbag! Being a man I don’t understand the need for loads of shoes and handbags, especially when the bag costs $500; that’s like the price of a laptop!

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