Luca di Montezemolo threatens another breakaway series!

After the 2009 FOTA vs FIA battle, we are back in the same situation 18 months later with FIAT president Luca di Montezemolo floating the idea of a breakaway series after 2012 if the teams don’t get a larger share of the profits from Formula 1. Yes I agree that Bernie Ecclestone needs to stop taking the lion’s share of the profits and give more to the teams who without their participation there would be no F1! It’s a fairly well known fact that Ferrari gets a bigger share of the profits than other teams because of their longevity in the sport. In itself that is not fair, McLaren and Mercedes put as much money into their championship efforts, so why do Ferrari get more cash for their participation? Anyway, back to the original subject, another breakaway series threat from di Montezemolo, I say “put up or shut up”, stop using the FOTA name to force changes that suit Ferrari’s agenda. Have any of the other team principles or owners indicated they want a breakaway series; I certainly haven’t heard any principle going on record saying that. I know that McLaren group’s Ron Dennis has spoken out about the distribution of F1 profits but didn’t mention a breakaway series. We all know it’s an empty threat, a new series would have to start from scratch with maybe three manufacturers participating, the threat has much less weight now that BMW, Toyota and Renault have exited F1. Not to mention sponsorship deals and other related financial streams, plus a lot of tracks have exclusive deals with Formula One Management! This is the third time that Ferrari have threatened to leave F1, come on Luca, put your money where your mouth is; talk is cheap! Ferrari are not bigger than the sport, regardless of how long they’ve been in the sport; “the whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts“.

The Plymouth Argyle fans have started a campaign to raise money for the backroom staff at the club who have been paid late last month and are expected to receive their wages after Christmas this month. The chairman, Roy Gardner and executive director, Keith Todd have elected to make sure the wealthy players get paid first rather than paying the people that really need the money, the backroom staff. So far the fund has raised £1500 for the cause and that figure is still rising. It’s shameful that the general public has to pay the wages of the backroom staff of a football club. I don’t understand how this whole tax debt came about with the wealth of the companies that are backing Plymouth Argyle, can anyone say tax dodgers? I expected better Sir Roy!

I was reading this article about Pope Benedict XVI’s comments regarding the use of condoms and it got me thinking. I believe that Pope Benedict wants a more progressive Catholic Church as he keeps on coming out with comments that go against the Catholic principle. Only to have the Vatican say that his comments were taken out of context or misconstrued. But I feel that the Catholic Church needs to be massively updated, staying with the current trends. Saying that sex should only be within wedlock and the use of condoms is condemned within marriage is hopelessly outdated. I firmly believe that contraception (including use of condoms) should be used inside marriage to prevent unwanted pregnancy; this is the 21st century, not the 19th century. The Catholic Church needs to get off its high horse and be more progressive, move with the times. The church itself are not blameless, I believe forcing it’s clergy to take a vow of abstinence is a direct cause of the sexual abuse of minors within the Catholic Church, those sexual urges dont go away when a man takes a vow of abstinence, the Anglican church has the right idea, to allow Vicars to get married and have a normal family life, just because you decide to take up a life of faith does not mean that you are dead, to me forcing abstinence is cruel and unusual punishment!

These next generation games consoles have been disappointing because it allows game developers to create substandard or incomplete games because they know that patches can be released later via the consoles internet connection. For example Gran Turismo 5, I am currently in the process of download the fifth patch for the game and it’s not even a month old yet, well done Polyphony Digital for releasing an incomplete game! What about all the people that are not connected to the Internet, do they simply have to live with the incomplete software, the damage effects still have not be implemented properly as advertised before the release of the game. The latest patch for Gran Turismo 5 weighs in at 608MB, that’s one hell of a patch! I’m downloading it right now and of course the server is slow so it’s going to take more than an hour to download on my 15Mbit connection. In another way, it’s good that we have internet connected consoles now or else Polyphony Digital wouldn’t have released Gran Turismo 5 for another two years, or maybe even a Duke Nukem Forever scenario, where it literally takes forever to complete the development!

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