When is it better to not work?

The simple answer is when you have kids; I was due to start a new job in about eight hours time but after much discussion with my wife, we have decided that it’s more financially viable for me to stay home with the baby. Why? you ask? Babysitting costs and latchkey services plus the fact we’d lose our SSI income for Conner means that we would be financially worse off than if I don’t work. We’d lose our SSI because combined we would be earning more that is allowed to receive SSI benefits. The cost of babysitting would be $400 per month plus $240 for latchkey for Conner before and after school. Not to mention additional days that Conner does not go to school during holidays and various other days that Conner does not attend school for in-service days, presidents day etc. Other things to consider is that Conner will be having a whole bunch of appointments soon to help with his autism and someone needs to take his to and from appointments. One of us would need to be available for that a few times a week, it just seems better to have one of us constantly available! We worked out given our costs we already have and additional costs because of me working plus the benefits we’d lose, we’d be between $100 – $150 worse off each month! It’d be crazy to work for effectively nothing, even more so when I am effectively haemorrhaging $150 per month for the privilege of sitting in a cubicle answering calls!

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