All change! Torres out! Carroll and Suarez in!

Fernando Torres is now a Chelsea player and frankly they are welcome to the Judas! I call him Judas NOT because he wanted to leave but because of his comments immediately before the season started; pledging his future to Liverpool; only to leave a few months later. Many Liverpool fans believe that Torres had been “tapped up” by Chelsea, the timing of the offer and the Spaniards transfer request seems seems far too convenient to be coincidence. One of the first comments Torres made to Chelsea fans makes no sense at all; “I am joining a team that is at the top level. There is not another level after Chelsea” – the London based team are hardly top of their game right now; just about holding onto the tails of Manchester United! Torres has been good business for Liverpool; 81 goals and a £30m profit after Roman Abramovich paid £50m for the Spanish international! Anyway, enough of Torres; onto the new arrivals, first off, Andy Carroll, who cost the Reds £35m; has played his entire career for Newcastle United scoring 34 goals in 103 appearances; 33 of those goals since 2008 and was a vital part of Newcastle’s immediate return to the Premiership. Not as prolific as Torres but a solid performer, let’s hope he can do it for Liverpool! Luis Suarez, who signed on for a fee of £22.8m, on the other hand is very prolific; 111 goals for Ajax in 3 1/2 years which is an impressive record but can he do it in the Premier League, he’s untested against Premiership opposition! As a Liverpool fan, the dream scenario would be for both Carroll and Suarez to score on Sunday against Chelsea and Torres to be completely locked out; if anyone can stop Torres scoring it should be his former team mates.

Peter Ridsdale has a very inflated opinion of his importance threatening to leave his role in the club if money isn’t forthcoming from the far east. Mr Kagami who holds a 38% share in Plymouth Argyle had promised four payments of £500,000 back in December and not a penny has materialised thus far. Ridsdale has given Kagami until the 8th February to come up with the cash or he’ll leave his position as club consultant! Does he seriously think that Kagami is going to honour his commitments because he has threatened to quit, Kagami barely knows of his existence!

Update: Oh dear, I didn’t realise that Liverpool paid £35m for an injured player, the Tynesider has been out of action since December and is unlikely to feature in a Red shirt for a few more weeks at least. I really hope that Carroll isn’t going to be another sick note like Torres has been for the last 18 months; it seems odd to sign a player for that sort of cash with an injury!

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