Denmark 1 – England 2: A forgettable performance!

I know that this all happened nearly a week ago now but it was such a forgettable game that I didn’t remember about the game until now, it was so dull that I managed to sleep through the last fifteen minutes of the first half and first fifteen of the second half. The first two goals in-particularly were very soft goals; neither goal was seriously defended; it looks like a kick around on the training ground, not an international fixture. I know it was a friendly game but it didn’t look like a real game of football, if I had paid money to see the game I’d be demanding my money back! Liverpool’s Daniel Agger opened the scoring in the eighth minute but that lead was short-lived, Darren Bent equalized two minutes later. Ashley Young scored the winning and his maiden goal for England in the 68th minute. I hope England can step up their game when playing European Championship qualification games, if they play with that much lethargy in the qualifiers; there’s a real chance of failing to qualifying for European Championships in 2012.

Kenny Dalglish has blamed the international midweek games for Liverpool’s draw with Wigan over the weekend and I somewhat agree. Between the league fixtures, FA Cup, European fixtures (Champions League, UEFA Cup) and international fixtures, that’s a lot of football to play for the top flight clubs. It maybe time for a reorganisation of the international fixtures to avoid such clashes with domestic football, some teams could end up playing three games per week which will take a massive toll on the players bodies which could lead to long term injuries! In many respects Liverpool are better off; no European football or FA cup football this season but Liverpool do have many International players in their squad, it’s a managers worst nightmare to have a large percentage of his players on international duty, it’s easy to pick up a knock and be out for a weeks!

Yesterday I was witness to a bizarre accident; a Chevrolet truck was rounding a left turn at an intersection when it’s entire rear axle departed from the chassis. I was two cars behind when it happened; just as well everyone was travelling at low speed or else that could have been nasty. I have never seen anything like this before, I assume it must have been poor maintenance of the truck for something like that to happen, it was a fairly old truck so I’d expect it to be a lack of maintenance more than a manufacturing fault. Just as well that didn’t happen at highway speeds, for sure someone would have been seriously injured or killed if that was the situation!

Finally, a friend of mine from back home in Plymouth engineered a gig in the venue I used to work for as head engineer for the first time in two years and they have really messed with the setup of the system. The mixing position is in the far corner of the room; the stage is not even visible from the mix position. No working microphone cables were available; the compressors, limiters and gates were all piled in the corner out of use and worst of all they have laid the top speaker boxes on their side, so all the sound definition was going into the crowd’s stomachs. My friend reports that the sound was passable because the band brought their own microphone cables and it wasn’t busy; if it was busy, the sound would have been horrendous as the sound would have been very undefined!

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