Review: Asus A72F-X1

It’s been well documented on this here blog that I have bought myself an Asus A72F-X1 notebook computer after much research and deliberation. I had some reservations about buying this notebook because of some of the reviews I had read before purchase; many complaints about the screen not being very good but I find the screen to be generally good. Yes the viewing angle is a little acute but it’s a notebook computer; am I really likely to be viewing it from some obscure angle? The Intel i3 370M processor is strong, it completes SETI@HOME units in roughly six hours; processing four units simultaneously and also handles everything else while processing those SETI units including some intensive tasks like video encoding and the CPU temperature hasn’t passed 74°C after three days of continuous use. The amount of RAM is good; 4GB installed; upgradable to 8GB; my only gripe is they have used two 2GB sticks so I have to replace both sticks to obtain 8GB of RAM! The video card is good; it outputs 1080p to my HDTV without a problem, it’s easy to setup for use with external displays, the internal display is 1600×900; which is 16:9 format already so no more annoying black bars top and bottom of my screen like my previous 16:10 notebook screen. The keyboard and touchpad are passable; sometimes the touchpad is lacking in sensitivity; it’ll sometimes stop tracking my finger and the cursor will veer off. Also the single mouse button is annoying at times, I’d have preferred two physically separate buttons. The keyboard is a bit of a struggle for me; apart from being a US keyboard with certain keys relocated; I feel it could have been a little bigger, there’s a good 2 to 2 1/2cm of space on either side of the keyboard that could have been used to install a bigger keyboard! The notebook also has a BD/DVDRW drive installed as standard which is a big bonus at this price-point. The multimedia performance is excellent; it plays music, videos, DVD and Bluray flawlessly even when running processor intensive tasks. The sound is pretty good; best laptop sound I have heard; very clear sound with various configuration options to refine the sound to the way you like it! Overall I am happy with my purchase, some minor niggles but I’ll adapt. At $750; I would recommend this laptop to anyway; it must be good for me to give it the thumbs up; I am very fussy about my gadgets.

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