The honeymoon is over; Sparta 0 – Liverpool 0!

It seems that I was wrong about Liverpool not being in Europe; I honestly thought that the Reds had been knocked out already under Hodgson’s guidance! Anyway, tonight’s game was a pretty drab affair. Liverpool started well but faded after the initial push. It’s fair to say that the honeymoon is over for Kenny Dalglish. The Reds were running on a high after a series of good wins which culminated in the 1 – 0 win over Chelsea but were brought down to Earth with a bump being held to a 1 – 1 draw by league minnows Wigan. Liverpool really are missing the influence of Steven Gerrard in the middle of the park; Gerrard is a player that can inspire confidence in the ten men around him. Hopefully he’ll be back on the field very soon; especially to help build on the recent league form to challenge for a Champions League spot! Neither team seriously challenged the goal in tonight’s game; there were some close chances but it looked destined to be a scoreless draw from 20 minutes into the game when the Reds lifted off the gas! Liverpool now need to get the job done at [dare I say it?] Fortress Anfield in a weeks time to progress; an away goal would have been useful as there is always a chance of Sparta scoring at Anfield would could mess up Dalglish’s plans. Although I do wonder if it would be better for Liverpool to exit the Europa Cup now to be able to concentrate on the league, the Europa Cup places extra strain on an already tired squad! But at the same time, it’s the only trophy left to win!

It looks like Nick Heidfeld with be Lotus – Renault driver Robert Kubica, who suffered an off season rallying accident, replacement for the 2011 season. Although the Polish driver Kubica is insistent on returning to the track before the year is over. Heidfeld was due to sit out this season before being called up for a test of the R30 at Jerez. I feel that he is too good-a-driver to be sat on the sidelines while pay drivers are sat on the grid. The season is just to start in just over three weeks time in Bahrain but that is now in doubt because of the current troubles in the country. Bernie Ecclestone is due to make a decision next week about whether the event goes ahead or not.

I have finally decided on a laptop that I want to buy, to say I have researched heavily is an understatement, I must have looked at every laptop on the market including the ones that are way out of my budget but I can dream! The laptop I have ordered is a Asus A72F-X1 which cost $750, it has an Intel Core i3 370M processor, 4GB DDR3 RAM, 320GB Hard Disc and Bluray/DVDRW combo drive and 17.3 inch screen. I could have spent a little more and got an i5 processor but it was not available in 17 inch screen size so I elected to stick with the one I picked. I need a new laptop as my existing laptop is over three years old and is starting to fail, the touchpad doesn’t work; the keyboard does not wake up with the computer from hibernation and the soft touch media buttons no longer work. Plus it has real overheating problems, I have to put a two inch block under the rear of the laptop to get enough air through the machine. I indulged a little by having it shipped overnight so I hopefully will have it tomorrow. This laptop will be taken apart and thoroughly cleaned and put to use a media server replacing the ageing PIII based machine, can’t upgrade the old girl any further than I have already, if I give her any-more she’ll blow captain!

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