The saga of an UPS delivery

I received my laptop on time as expected and I am very happy with it; taking a while to get used to an American keyboard, no pound (currency) sign and some of the keys are switched around, but I can’t complain! Anyway, the UPS saga; I paid for overnight shipping as I wanted to get the laptop before the weekend given that it’s presidents day on Monday. Everything went to plan until my package reached Louisville, Kentucky where the flight was experiencing some technical issues, which was resolved in a couple of hours and the package was Wichita bound. The online tracking reported that there was further technical issues at Wichita airport and suddenly the delivery date changed from the 18th to the 21st. Of course I was extremely miffed as I had paid a premium to get the package delivered overnight. I called their automated system and it reported the package was on the way, which didn’t really tell me anything. So I called back and managed to get through to a customer service representative and asked why my package is being delayed three days. He explained that the flight has experienced some issues and because of that my package missed the delivery vehicle. I asked if I could pick up my package from their depot at the airport. After being put on hold for a short while, the answer came back as “I’m sorry sir, it’s not possible to pick up the package”; and the reason, the package hadn’t been unloaded from the container on the aircraft. I can’t get angry at the rep; it wasn’t his fault, he was pleasant and apologetic but the situation is a bit of a joke. About 10 minutes later, I hear a knock at the door; obviously I didn’t think it was going to be my package; but to my surprise there stood a UPS guy with a big box. So I am happy in the end but I really could have done without the hassle; just as well I decided to stay home instead of going out to the store, if I went out I would have missed it!

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