Well Done Netflix (that was sarcasm btw)

I turned on my PS3 today and loaded up Netflix to find a completely new interface; which frankly sucks big hairy balls! Gone is the menu on the left hand side showing my recently viewed programming, instant queue, genres (and sub-genres) and search. It has been replaced with lines of top level genres, e.g horror, thriller, comedy etc. and only 75 titles in each category in a carousel type system and you have to press “triangle” to get the search feature! Now my question is WHY? the previous interface was perfect, it allows you to be able to browse though genres and sub-genres with much more choice overall. I don’t want to have to fire up my PC to be able to browse through the categories adding them to the instant queue, I want to be able to sit with my remote control and browse though all the titles on my PS3. Often I don’t know what I want to watch; so the search feature is useless; what do they expect me to type in the search? “something to watch?”, basically what they have done is go back to the old disc based interface but managed to make it worse, the disc based interface was at least user friendly if limited. And reading comments from people around the net and even comments from the companies Twitter feed; the official line is that we’ll just have to live with it as they are not planning on changing it back to the interface that most know and love! It’s another case of a big conglomerate that shits on the people that makes them what they are; like many I have considered cancelling but then we’ll have nothing to watch as we already cancelled our cable TV package in favour of Netflix.

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