West Ham 3 – Liverpool 1 – League strugglers are dangerous!

Liverpool seem to have gone off the boil after the euphoria of Kenny Dalglish’s return to management at Anfield. Their recent performances have been very understated; a draw and a narrow win in the the Europa Cup against Sparta Prague to progress to the last sixteen of the competition and two lacklustre performances in the league. Today was no different; losing 3 – 1 to West Ham at Upton Park. The home side scored half way through the first half and again right at the end of the first half. Liverpool were poor in the first half and paid the price for that going in at half time with a two goal deficit. The Reds looked better in the second half of the game; pushing forward more; getting amongst the defenders and looked threatening. Glen Johnson pulled one back for Liverpool in the 84th minute which gave the visitors some hope of a point but that hope disappeared right at the death when the home side made it 3 – 1. Liverpool remain in sixth place while West Ham move a step closer to safety moving up one place to 18th; level on points with Wolves; behind by one on goal difference. Liverpool could still finish in the top four; only eight points cover fourth to sixth places, but this loss is a missed opportunity as Spurs lost to Blackpool and Chelsea will have tough time against Manchester United on Tuesday evening.

England’s cricketers battled to a draw with India in the ICC cricket world cup. Going into the last over; England needed 14 runs to win the game; and England managed to score 15 to tie the game. A good showing all round from both sides, much better performance from England and one of the most exciting games I have seen for some years. Man of the match deservedly went to Andrew Strauss who knocked up 158 runs in reply to Sachin Tendulkar’s 120. India set a target of 338 to win for England and to the surprise of many; England were almost equal to that; missing out on the win by one run. A win would have been good but the game was such a good game by both teams that a draw was a fair result. It looks likely that both teams will progress in the tournament!

In life in Kansas; we went out to look at sofa’s yesterday and we ended up buying as well; last year my wife liked a sofa but procrastinated for so long that the money that we would have used dwindled away. And I have got it in the ear all year long; “we really need a new sofa”; so this time round I made the decision to just go ahead and buy it otherwise I’d be getting it in the ear for another year. So we bought ourselves a two piece sectional with a chase for my wife to lay out on and inevitably fall asleep on while waiting for me to complete whatever I am doing on the computer.

Also over this weekend I have installed Windows XP on my wife’s netbook after I found out that Windows 7 Starter requires 1GB of RAM and the machine had 1GB of RAM and installing additional RAM requires almost complete dismantling of the netbook. It does run much better now but the install process wasn’t simple. First I had to make a bootable USB drive as netbooks tend not to have a DVD/CD drive, then had to create a slipstreamed copy of Windows to include the drivers to recognise the SATA hard disk when installing the operating system. Then the copying of the install files that normally takes a few minutes took close to two hours. So I finished installing Windows and all the driver required by the hardware, I started the install of Office 2007 and suddenly I couldn’t complete the install with the message “The Windows Installer service cannot update one or more protected Windows files”; turned out that some files required to install Office didn’t get installed on the machine with Windows. So I found out what files were required and searched Google for the required .dll file as I couldn’t find any trace of it on my Windows CD as suggested on some websites. The computer is fully installed with everything my wife would need and running much faster as Windows XP only requires 256MB of RAM to run, which leaves 768MB of RAM for programs and general use instead of constantly hitting the pagefile on the hard disk!

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