Looking to move home + funds coming to Argyle?

I think that my wife and I have decided that it’s best for us to move away from this apartment complex where we live; yes we do get a free apartment but the amount of bullshit and stress my wife has to deal with to keep this apartment is too much. If we move it allows my wife to take another job as the roof over our head isn’t linked to the job. Basically the manager of the complex should not be a manager; she cannot manage people, time or priorities, implement and/or maintain procedures, the usual stuff you’d expect a manager to be able to do. She treats her staff like crap and writes people up for bullshit reasons to cover her own ass. Suffice to say my wife no longer wants to work there and has felt that way after just a few weeks of working in that office, some three years ago now. To achieve what we want to achieve; it would be more beneficial to stay put and save the money we’d pay on rent but seeing how upset my wife is every time she comes home from work is not worth the savings we make by having a free apartment. Things that happen is the manager keeps on piling work on my wife’s desk then complains that her desk is messy; and recently used that as an excuse to not give my wife a pay rise following her performance review. Another issue was the manager informed corporate that a number of apartments were leased before all the required checks were completed and those leases fell through; yet it’s my wife’s fault because the manager jumped the gun; now my wife has been written up for the manager’s mistake, that woman needs to go; the people that work in the office all achieve much more when the manager is away. Not to mention her breaking the law by telling the groundskeeper to not report having a fridge dropped on him when helping move the kitchen appliance. I wish that the groundskeeper sued her and the company for all they have as he will have a permanent back injury that will affect him massively in the future. The manager should have been fired for that incident alone!

Back home in Plymouth, supposed good news for Argyle; funds are forthcoming from Japanese shareholder Kagami and Synan; call me an old cynic if you like but I have a feeling of deja vu! Kagami promised four payments of £500,000 starting in December and now it is March and nothing has been forthcoming. I’ll be very surprised if the Japanese delivers on his promise!

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