Medical Insurance! What are you good for?

One of the joys of living in the United States of American is that you need to take out medical insurance as there is no state or national healthcare system. These insurance companies take advantage of people; take their money and often the policy holder comes to find that the insurance falls a long way short of your expectations, covering little to none of your incurred medical costs despite paying $500+ per month. So here’s my story, my wife has insurance through her workplace and we pay $520 per month for a family of four and we find that they are not willing to cover my son Conner’s therapy sessions to help with his autism or refills on my wife’s medication that she needs to remain healthy or dental costs for Conner. I want to cancel the policy; or at least remove myself and the kids from the policy as it seems to me that having this policy is not worth the paper it is written on, if you want to know the insurance carrier; it’s Blue Cross, Blue Shield. I also have a beef with Heartspring where Conner receives his therapies as I have asked twice about any balance we may have; and was told the balance was zero both times and I even asked the question “is the insurance covering the full cost?” and the answer came back as “yes” so we spent the money set aside for anything the insurance didn’t cover on other things we needed but had been putting off buying as we wanted to keep on top of the medical bills.

The new Formula 1 season kicked off yesterday and so far we can not read anything into the form book; The Red Bull duo finished 1-2 in the first practice session with Webber edging out team mate Vettel while in the second session; the McLaren duo topped the timesheets with Button finishing ahead of team mate Hamilton. Looking at the onboard footage it looks like the Red Bull is on rails compared to it’s rivals despite McLaren finishing top of the time sheets in free practice 2. Karun Chandhock didn’t have the best start to his stint as reserve driver for Team Lotus losing the back end in free practice 1 sending the car into the wall losing the team 90 minutes of set up time. The new moveable rear wing is looking like it will cause all sorts of havoc come Sunday afternoon; drivers have been going off the track a lot while testing the system; on top of that; KERS is back so using the moveable rear wing in conjuction with KERS could be a recipe for disaster, less drag and an extra 80hp; we may well be seeing more incidents like Mark Webber getting air last season mounting the car in front. My personal opinion is that these electronic solutions are not needed; a step back in time is needed; back to a time when cars could follow each other gaining a slipstream for the extra speed to make the move stick; but that’s too obvious!

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