No money for the British Olympians!

I have been reading about the British Olympic Committee and the lack of finances to pay the athletes who will represent Great Britain in the 2012 London Games. It has cost £9bn so far to host the Olympic games; yet the BOC have failed to allocate money for the most important people; it’ll be a shambles if Great Britain isn’t represented at the games! Apparently this has been coming for some time; the BOC have needed to borrow money to keep the games on-track. I’m starting to wonder whether it was a good idea for the UK to host the Olympics; is this going to turn into a huge embarrassment for Great Britain? The Olympics have already been tainted by the decision to allow West Ham United have exclusive use of the stadium after the Olympics is over; the IOC have slammed the plan that means the purpose built Olympic stadium is to be converted into a football only venue, I guess that the BOC need to recoup their investment in some way or another!

I was listening to an interview on the BBC website with the man in charge of F1, Bernie Ecclestone and he made some surprising announcements. First of all he thinks the new remotely moveable rear wing introduced this season is a stupid idea but in the same breath mentions the use of artificial weather; e.g an advanced sprinkler system that would create random wet sections of the race. First thing I’d like to say is WHAT THE FUCK?!?! It’s bad enough we have artificial aids like KERS and the new moveable wing; now he wants to rain on the parade; literally! This is a recipe for disaster; cars going spinning off suddenly and huge crashes, is the poison dwarf trying to get someone killed? He also plans to rearrange the Bahrain GP to fit between Abu Dhabi and Brazil at the end of the season. I hope he doesn’t decide to make the final race of the season Bahrain; I heard the ominous words; “switch with Brazil”; Interlagos needs to be the last race of the season; the season climax needs to be at one of the classic circuits and Brazil never fails to deliver.

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