Seriously pissed off with my wife!

I am fuming right now at my wife who has been submitting my resume to companies; applying for jobs that I am not qualified for and in some cases not even eligible for, all this was without my permission. Two of the jobs was working on the air force base, which I need to have top secret military clearance and need to be a US citizen. Does my wife not even read the full description and requirements, does she think that because it has IT or computer in the job title I am able to do it? I Emailed my resume to her so she could look at it to see what I can do so she doesn’t send me jobs that I am not qualified or don’t have the relevant experience. Yes I am very angry to say the least and it makes me think that she doesn’t think that I am seriously looking for work. I’m looking for work but I am not going to waste my time and the employers time applying for jobs that I am not suited to. If it requires that I need a bachelors degree then I need not apply as I don’t have one and have no wish to return to school at nearly 35 years of age to obtain a bachelors degree. I’m realistic about what I can do; but my wife seems to think I am God’s gift to IT, which I can assure you I am not! I know a lot about lots of aspects of computers and information technology but I have been out of the game for a long time so need to start low and work my way up!

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