Weekend break in Arkansas!

This weekend, the wife, kids and I took a four hour drive to Arkansas to stay with our friends Travis and Amber. We drove down on Friday afternoon, way too much highway for my liking; but as soon as we crossed the Arkansas state line the highway disappeared and we found ourselves on country dirt roads and single lane windy roads. Unfortunately my wife took over driving just before we hit those roads so she had the fun of the tight and twisty roads, much to my annoyance, especially as she wasn’t comfortable driving on those roads, not exceeding 35mph, Erin is used to highways in the big smoke, now narrow country roads. But I did drive the whole way home so I got to drive the fun roads at a much greater speeds; 50 – 60mph, in the UK these kind of roads are the norm, so I feel much happier driving on those type of roads than I do highways. But this was only a small part of our trip to Arkansas; onto the good stuff!

We stayed at our friends house; they have a really nice house, I would like to have something similar myself; open planned ground floor plan with living room, dining room and kitchen all open with a nice bar area in the kitchen. The master bedroom is behind the the kitchen with a bathroom and utility room beside that leading to the two car garage. The first floor has two double bedrooms and a family bathroom. it’s a nice layout and on average a duplex like that would only cost $750 pcm, which is great value as the 1000 sqft apartment we live in costs $630 per month!

Travis and Amber were trying their hardest to convince us to move to Arkansas, Travis took me on a tour of Bentonville pointing out all the highlights although I am a little unconvinced that finding work there will be easier than it is in Kansas but I do like the area, much more interesting place to live than Kansas, better scenery and better maintained and the state healthcare system which was introduced by former president Bill Clinton who is an Arkansas native is a huge plus point.

On Saturday Travis and Amber took us to Eureka Springs where they will be holding their wedding in about six weeks time and it’s a cute little town; reminds me very much of some of the seaside towns back home, narrow roads, lots of hills and narrow steps between higher and lower levels of the town, little shops instead of the norm of massive superstores in most US towns and cities, two or three local run bars and lots of guest-houses and hotels. It is very much a tourist town based around a spring that is said to have healing powers. The town for the most part is over 100 years old with a haunted hotel built in 1888 called the Basin Spring (which can be seen in the photo on the left) where the reception will be held and we are likely to be staying on Saturday and Sunday night of the wedding. It was very refreshing to see another side of the US; I love the secluded nature of the town and the surrounding lake, all the tight and twisty cliff side roads, if I had those kind of roads to drive on, I would just go out for a drive because I wanted to instead of driving to get somewhere! I feel the urge to buy a sports car!

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