Respect to the Argyle players!

The Plymouth Argyle players have turned down an offer of 15% of their April wages from administrator Brendan Guilfoyle saying they would rather see the money go to the backroom staff who have gone without pay since mid January. You don’t see that sort of generosity in the game these days, I have to give respect to the players for their actions, it just goes to show the solidarity between the players, manager and backroom staff. Without the squad playing for free and the backroom staff still coming to work despite no pay the club would have stopped functioning; this just shows the passion for the club and it’s survival! I really hope that some sort of deal can be done between the creditors and potential buyers, if the club goes under; everyone loses; but the lack of news is becoming increasingly worrying, I don’t believe in the philosophy of “no news is good news”, I want to know what is going on with my home football club, the club I have supported since five years of age; sadly I don’t see a deal happening before the end of the season!

In other random football news; Manchester United striker Michael Owen is bemused at being booed by Newcastle United fans in the scoreless draw between the Magpies and the Red Devils. I think that Newcastle fans have a right to boo the former Liverpool striker after seemingly abandoning the club after they got relegated to the Championship in 2008/09 season. He could have signed on for an extra season to help the Magpies gain promotion to the Premiership; a feat that the Tynesiders achieved without his help, but he elected to move to United on a free transfer, the interpretation is that he didn’t want to suffer the indignation of playing for a non-premiership club, or maybe he didn’t want to take the pay cut! We don’t know the full reason behind his move and he isn’t willing to tell his former club’s fans his reasons, maybe they’d understand if he had done so. Don’t be surprised about being booed by a former club when you can’t be bothered to explain your reasons. Take it on the chin instead of bitching on Twitter!

Formula One news; Rupert Murdoch and Carlos Slim are supposedly in talks to buy Formula One Management, a rumour that Bernie Ecclestone who runs Formula One on behalf of CVC who Ecclestone sold the commercial rights to in 2005 has strenuously denied. I personally don’t see this happening as I believe that the only way Bernie Ecclestone will release his grip on F1 will be in a pine box. Of course, CVC could sell the sport without Bernie’s approval as they own the sport; not the F1 supremo. There are all sorts of other issues; for example the Concorde agreement between the sport and the teams which state that it must be shown on free-to-air TV stations, I can’t see that Murdoch will want that as he owns a third of BSkyB, the British satellite broadcaster.

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