Form I-751 away to USCIS with a cheque for $590!

I have just sent off a Form I-751 to USCIS in California to have my conditions removed from my permanent residence. To be honest I begrudge paying the best part of $600 after already paying over $1000 to apply for permanent residence in the first place. I firmly believe that the US government is abusing immigrants, overcharging people that often don’t have the funds in the first place, especially those coming here for a better life; it does not cost anywhere near $1600 to process a permanent resident application, anyway, it’s off in the mail… hopefully it will be straight forward; I sent off plenty of supporting evidence of the legitimacy of our marriage! Birth confirmation of my daughter Alya, joint lease agreement, joint bank account, joint ownership of a car, joint insurance policies and other evidential letters with both mine and Erin’s name on it! I don’t have much respect for the ability of government departments in general but there is no reason to question the legitimacy of our marriage but you never know, it is a government agency, which are useless the world over! Have low expectations and you’ll never be disappointed!

I received my new wireless N gigabit router yesterday, hooked it up and found out that the two reasons I bought it were null and void. First of all I bought it to be able to get wireless N speeds on my laptop (upto 300mbps) but my laptop wireless N card tops out at 75mbps despite the card specs reporting it should support 150mbps. The card in the laptop is a Atheros AR9285 wireless b/g/n card, so if you see a laptop with this card and want hi-speed wireless stay well clear. Of course I was thinking that it was a problem with the new router; a TRENDnet TEW-639GR so spent hours reading up on the router and playing with settings to no avail. I turned on my wife’s laptop (Atheros AR5B97) and it connected at 144mbps at first then increased to the maximum 300mbps. Even my Bluray player in the bedroom, some 25ft away achieved 130mbps. The other reason I bought this router over others is because of the gigabit switch to be able to transfer files to the server (an older laptop) but I didn’t realise that it only had a 10/100mbps card so it’s gigabit upto the switch and then loses 900mbit between the switch and the server, so ultimately I get very little benefit from the new router; my wife on the other hand can enjoy fast wireless.

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