Getting praised for Parallel Parking!

I had a bizarre experience today while picking up my son from school. For people in the Europe; parallel parking is a bread and butter affair as if you can not parallel park then you won’t be parking at all in most cases. Today I pulled alongside a car and started to back up and turn right into the space and I could see the woman in the car start her car and start to move forward. I guess that she may have been hit by someone trying this manoeuvre before, but I completed the move with ease despite being in a much bigger car than I have parallel parked in before. The woman in the car made a point of praising me by saying “you did that much better than I could”, I explained that I was from the UK and parallel parking was part of every day driving back home. The problem is that parallel parking, along with emergency stop and reversing around corners are not taught or a requirement of the Kansas driving test. So people avoid doing it plus most parking spaces are drive in, reverse out, parallel parking is a rarity here in Kansas, even in the larger cities!

The router I bought a few weeks back, a TRENDnet TEW-639GR decided to crash, kicking everyone from the network, wired and wireless meaning I was unable to access the admin system. Upon resetting the router in the normal manner; unplug for 30 seconds and plug back in; it had lost all settings and reset back to defaults which meant 10 minutes of setup time to be able to get back online. We have had a lot of electrical storms in the area in recent nights which may have had an effect as it has been fine since I initially installed the router some three or four weeks back!

Another piece of tech that hasn’t lived upto expectation is the Sony BDPS580 BluRay Player which my mother-in-law bought on my recommendation. The Netflix performance is erratic at best, I don’t know about other services as I haven’t tried them; despite having a 70 – 80% wireless signal; the speed of Netflix is anywhere between 15Mb per second and 0.3Mb per second which isn’t fast enough to stream on Netflix. It’s highly annoying to watch the system have to buffer for 30 seconds for every minute of video playback. I have been doing some research and the general consensus I have found is that setting a static IP address instead of receiving a DHCP assigned IP address fixes the issue so I shall try that the next time I am out at my mother-in-laws house!

3 thoughts on “Getting praised for Parallel Parking!

  • Tomas Thrainsson commented on May 21, 2011 at 14:40

    Howdy mate :)

    Seems like more volcanic eruption is hitting our shores today. As of 6PM the glacier covered volcano Grímsvötn, in our largest glacier Vatnajökull, started shaking like mad, threatening to blow it’s icy top. My wife tells me that now we already have smoke coming out of the ice, I guess air traffic in Europe will suffer again ;)

  • Just as well I don’t have the money to fly back to Europe right now! I assume by your calmness it’s of no to little threat to populated areas should it go bang big time?

  • Tomas Thrainsson commented on May 21, 2011 at 21:26

    We don’t need to worry much about this particular volcano, it’s usually not a threat to the public unless they do something extremely stupid. But if the next eruption is in Katla, the next volcano to the one that erupted last year, then we’ll be in for a massive BOOM time. It might make it impossible to travel between Europe and America for a while, due to it’s enormous release of ash and poisonous residue

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