I hate the state of Kansas!

I need to get out of Kansas; the longer I stay here, the more depressed and angry I get with everything, the lack of decent employment, the idiotic drivers who should have their licences taken away and burnt, the fact that fast food restaurants can never get an order right, the piss poor rude customer service and the religious nuts on every other street corner and the fact that there is nothing here, it’s the dullest place on Earth! Today I had to slam on the brakes on three occasions in less than an hour, first time I got cut up by some idiot in a white Ford Focus, second time, an idiot in a Ford F-50 who decided to brake from 70mph to 45mph for no reason on the highway and finally a car stuck behind another car who was turning left decided to pull out into my lane when I was less than 50ft away doing 40mph forcing me to brake down to 10mph. Not to mention how damn slow everyone drives here, it’s like living in Florida with all the grannies and grandfathers tootling along on the highway to death! I have applied for more than a thousand jobs yet no-one here seems to want to even interview me for work despite being qualified, more than qualified in many cases for no other reason than not being a US citizen from what I can fathom,

The root of the problem is that I am constantly stuck in this damn apartment complex doing the same things every damn day, not being able to earn any money which is compounded by the Social Security Administration being massively incompetent. They keep on changing the amount of SSI benefits we get which means we can not plan anything in the coming month, let alone longer term. We might have to stop Conner’s treatments as we may not be able to afford to pay for his speech and occupational therapies as we have no idea of how much SSI benefits we will get paid if anything this coming month because they have overpaid us in previously months due to their own incompetence. Conner’s therapies cost’s a minimum of $230 per month, sometimes more on the longer months, so if we get less than $230 we’ll have to cancel appointments! It feels like I am trapped; I am stuck here in purgatory with no hope of ever getting to a better place where Erin, the kids and I can be happy, Erin hates Kansas as much as me, we’re both stranded. I hope that this upcoming trip to Arkansas this weekend will ease my discontent. It’s been almost three years now since I last stood on British soil and I am increasingly missing my friends and being at home in the surroundings I grew up in. Something needs to happen as I am getting more and more snappish and very irritable. I owe my wife an apology for ripping her head off several times today, it’s not her fault but she is the one closest to me so she ends up getting the brunt of my frustration!

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