Our trip to Eureka Springs for Travis & Amber’s wedding!

This past weekend Erin and I went to Eureka Springs in Arkansas for our friend’s wedding. We had a great time there, the wedding was beautiful and I got to stand second in-line as a groomsman in my $145 rented tuxedo. We started the drive from Kansas at 10:30am and arrived at a little before 5pm, traffic was horrendous on the single lane highway 400, road works and hundreds of bikers made it impossible to overtake, 45 to 60mph for 300 miles. But driving on the mountain roads to Eureka Springs was great fun, lots of tight and twisty roads, reminds me of driving back home in the UK. We arrived at our first hotel, the Best Western Eureka Inn, got changed, drove down into Eureka and to the New Delhi Cafe for a burger and something to drink, Erin proclaims that their Dil Ruba Burger is the best burger she had ever had, and mine was very agreeable.

Then we went off out for the Bachelor/Bachelorette parties and drank way too much, my wife spent over $100 and I spent nothing at all; all the drinks were on the house as we drank at the local bars that was owned by the bride’s father. The guys got chauffeured around from bar to bar and back to our hotels, the ladies had to walk but they stayed in town, it’s a fair walk to the Rowdy Beaver, walking a couple of miles in a drunken state wouldn’t have been good! In the morning, Erin and I really paid for our indulgence, we were both throwing up, the perils of mixing drinks, it’s a dangerous pass-time! We checked out of the hotel after recovering somewhat and headed for the wedding rehearsal which was simple enough, stand in line, and walk down the isle with my assigned bridesmaid on cue. Then it was a long drive to a log cabin on Beaver Lake for the rehearsal dinner which was beautiful but we had to leave early as we needed to check into the Basin Park Hotel where we stayed the final two nights and the reception was being held. To be honest, Erin and I wanted some alone time, we love Travis and Amber to death but we didn’t want to spend the whole weekend with them and their families. Although that alone time included a two hour round trip to Rogers to pick up my tuxedo; we just grabbed something to eat and retired for the evening and that’s where I leave the story… you’ll have to use your imagination about what happened next!

On the wedding day Erin and I drove around and took in some of the beautiful scenery of the Ozarks and visited the Onyx Caves before getting ready for the wedding. Travis picked me up from the Basin Park Hotel and took myself and the other groomsmen to a beautiful house that was built in 1886 in historic Eureka Springs to get ready for the wedding. Then it was off to the wedding venue for photos and the ceremony; and what a beautiful ceremony it was, Travis and Amber make such a perfect couple, I wish them both all the happiness in the world!

We started our drive back at 10:30am on Monday morning and arrive back in Wichita at about 3pm. Suffice to say the drive back was much quicker, averaged about 65 to 70mph to get back on just over half a tank of fuel. It’s nice to be home and to see the kids but at the same time I miss the scenery and roads, Kansas is a dull as dishwater state, I’d love to move to the Bentonville area!

Oh yes; I almost forgot; photos of the wedding and me in a tux is on my Facebook page… enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Our trip to Eureka Springs for Travis & Amber’s wedding!

  • Tomas
    June 1, 2011 at 18:04

    The morning after the bachelor party reminds me of the night of your impossible-to-resist-a-dare night in Plymouth a few years back mate. Does the concoction Supreme Court ring a bell? ;)

  • It was the very same Supreme Court that got us in trouble; although it’s somewhat watered down as in the US there’s limit of three shots per glass, the groom wouldn’t do shots unless we did them with him; you know what lightweights these Americans are; just a shame I have to include myself in that these days, I rarely drink so when I go on a bender like that; it hurts the morning after!

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