Government building parking nightmare!

Today I went to get my biometrics taken for my new permanent resident card with the conditions removed. It seems that I am not required to go to any interviews to prove that I am here legitimately; which should be the case with all the evidence of joint liability I have with my wife. The actual taking of the biometrics was pretty pain free; although some instructions in the waiting room on where to go and what to do would have been nice; the reception area was closed so everyone was sat there looking at each other. Eventually I was asked whether I was there for finger-printing or for an interview, then everything was explained and got the biometrics taken and before the appointment time, which was nice. The problem was the parking; government buildings here in Wichita don’t have free parking for people that use the facilities and they don’t take card payments; which is not made clear when you enter the car park. Upon trying to leave; I get informed that they don’t take card payments and that I’d have to back up and go back into the building and back through security to use the ATM to get cash out; and of course the ATM isn’t free either; that cost an additional $2 on top of the $10 I was forced to withdraw to pay $0.75, so in reality it cost me $2.75 for less than a 30 minutes stay. If they had a sign upon entering that they didn’t take card payments I wouldn’t have parked in that car park! On a sidenote; is it a requirement that people who work for law enforcement and government have to be rude and not very nice people? The lady that took my finger-prints was very nice but everyone else was horrible, treating people like cattle rather than human beings, when I asked for help in City Hall; I got an aggressive response; but given how crap customer service is in Kansas, I shouldn’t be surprised!

Bernie Ecclestone has done a dramatic U-Turn on reinstating the Bahrain Grand Prix after the teams association FOTA made their stance clear that they do not want to go to Bahrain this season but did provisionally agree to go to Bahrain at the end of the season is all is well in the Gulf kingdom, which is contradictory. The teams are also unhappy about Bahrain being switched with India; the teams want the Indian Grand Prix reinstated back in it’s October 30th date. Bernie has had his hand forced; if none of the teams turned up for Bahrain, it’ll be a farce worse than Indianapolis 2005 where all the Michelin shod teams abstained from the race leaving only six cars!

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