New F1 engine regs changed and delayed!

The planned 1.6 litre inline four cylinder turbo engine that had been planned for introduction in 2013 has been scrapped in favour of a 1.6 litre V6 turbo engine to be introduced in 2014. Since Jean Todt took over as FIA president; I feel that the FIA has become weak; I may not have liked every idea that Max Mosley had but at least he had the courage of his convictions standing up to the teams organisation FOTA, Todt caves in far to easily under pressure from the teams which sets a dangerous precedent for the sport. Some of the teams claimed that there isn’t enough time before 2013 to develop and test a new engine formula while Ferrari refused point blank to develop an inline four cylinder engine as it doesn’t suit their business model. I can shoot both those arguments down; if a whole Grand Prix circuit can be designed and built in two years like in Austin and India, companies like Ferrari, Mercedes and Cosworth should be able to develop and test a L4 Turbo engine plus the fact that the specification was changed indicates it’s not lack of time, it’s the dislike of the L4 formula. If F1 no longer suits Ferrari’s business model; leave the sport like they threatened and move into sports cars instead. The governing body has become a complete joke with Jean Todt in control; although I disagreed with the reintroduction of Bahrain onto the calendar; the FIA should have stood firm and kept it on the calendar although it was illegally added to calendar; all teams have to agree before a change can be made to the calendar. How does Jean Todt expect to rule over the FIA sanctioned events when he can not even stand up to the competitors in the sport? at this rate; he might as well hand over control fo F1 to FOTA! So the new formula will be 1.6 litre V6 turbocharged engines with KERS giving approximately 750hp total power output limited to 12,000rpm, not much difference from the L4 spec engines really.

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