The cheque that never was…

Today we received a money order via Fed Ex overnight for $4,500 from a company called Lemon Fresh House Cleaning Services. Of course we were suspicious as we had never heard of this company before and the fact they are based in Las Vegas, Nevada which is some 1,200 miles away from Kansas. Erin called the company up and asked about the money order and they said to destroy it as someone has been sending out fake money orders in their name for some years. I’m baffled why anyone would send out a fake money order; even more so when it was sent by Fed Ex overnight. I don’t see how they can scam anyone with a fake money order, the Nevada State Bank even confirmed that it was a legitimate account but wouldn’t give out any further information over the phone. It’s a shame that it’s a fake as the money would have been useful; we could have cleared all of our debts on both sides of the Atlantic and had a little spending money left over, but as the old saying goes “if it appears too good to be true, then it probably is” and that rings true yet again.

While watching NetFlix I have been noticing that some programmes and movies have been rated “NR” and all this time I have been thinking that it meant “New Release”. My wife has been telling me in means “Not Yet Rated” which I found hard to believe but I looked it up and Erin is 100% correct. I find it hard to believe that movies are allowed into general release before being given a certificate, it makes a mockery of the certification system. In the UK I know that a movie needs to be given a BBFC classification before it can be released in movie theatres or on DVD/Blu-ray.

A little update on Plymouth Argyle; I am getting concerned about the future of my home town football team; it was announced that an Irish Consortium was to buy the club but since that time we have heard very little. According to administrator Brendan Guilfoyle; the Irish consortium have paid a six figure sum to keep the club running amongst concerns by fans that the sale will/has fallen through. My concern is that this consortium seems to be more interested in development opportunities around Home Park than the club itself. Nine players have been released from their contracts since the end of the season and Yannick Bolasie has been sold to Championship side Bristol City, on top of the players that were sold last season to help survive the HMRC winding up orders. Do Argyle currently have enough players to field a team come August? With just two months remaining before the start of the new season it’s very worrying that a deal still hasn’t been completed; do Argyle plan to field a schoolboy XI come the start of the 2011/12 season?

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