Wichita Riverfest – what a massive disappointment!

Over the weekend, Erin, the kids and I went to Riverfest to do something nice for Conner and get out for a few hours but found ourselves massively disappointing after paying $15 for badges that allow us to access Riverfest plus $20 in tickets for food and drink. We made our way to the children’s area so Conner could play but all they had was three inflatable play areas, one for toddlers and two for older children plus two rides, a Slushy stall and a face painting stall that cost between $9 and $18 worth of tickets; a small Slushy was $4. A bottle of water cost between $3 and $5 depending on where you bought it. Just before we left as there was nothing else to do; I bought myself two 500ml bottles of Pepsi for $5 worth of tickets but a single bottle of water cost $5; what a fucked up World when a bottle of water costs more than two soft drinks. There was plenty of live music about which is great for me as I worked as a live sound engineer for six years before moving to the US, although some of the acts were pretty atrocious including the band that attempted Led Zeppelin covers and murdered them. I couldn’t really get in to see the live music because my autistic son Conner would freak out as he doesn’t do loud sounds! The event is touted as a community event but in reality it’s a massive commercial operation, overcharging for basic things, $5 for a bottle of water is absolutely scandalous; my bet is that local government takes a cut of the vendors profits hence the need to buy tickets instead of paying with cash. I feel that we wasted our money as there was hardly anything for kids to do which was the main reason many people attended the event. Conner wanted to go to the carnival that did have plenty for kids to do but that wasn’t part of Riverfest so would have to withdraw even more money for Conner to be able to go on any of the rides, plus it was $3 per person for entry, each ride was extra cost. Next year we’ll just take Conner to the carnival and spend $35 there instead; at last my son will be able to have a good time instead of being ripped off by the local government!

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