Would you believe it?

Yesterday I went to get the engine oil changed in my 2006 Saturn Vue 3.5 V6 as the oil light has been coming on when in park, reverse and neutral but turns off when placed in drive. I’d rather get the oil changed now than risk engine damage (which would cost more to get fixed than the $55 it cost to get the oil changed) as the oil hasn’t been changed since buying the car six months ago and we don’t know what engine oil was used. Apparently it was some semi synthetic oil according to the technician at Walmart. Anyway, I had Walmart put in some Mobil 1 fully synthetic oil and what a difference in performance, it appears much quicker to 60mph and responsiveness is massively sharpened up. But later in the day while visiting Trendy Tots to get some new clothes for my ever growing daughter, the rear driver side door has jammed shut; the locks are working fine but the latch is not releasing when pulling the handle on the outside or inside. I can’t get access to the door mechanism as I can’t get the door panel off without removing the seats so we’ll need to take it to a garage to get that fixed; who knows how much that’ll cost to fix. Either way it’ll have to wait as we need to shell out $270 for tags (road tax) for the next year for our two cars, $195 for the Saturn; so for the time being the kids will have to climb in through the passenger side rear door. Luckily I decided to switch the the child seat to the passenger side so I could see the baby while driving, it’s easier for my almost seven year old son to climb to the other side of the car than it would be to put a 19 month old into a child seat across the other side of the car. Why do these things always happen when funds are not available to get the issue fixed, at least it’s not something essential that stops the car running; it’s just a somewhat inconvenient, but that’s life!

In sports, it’s pretty much certain that Peter Ridsdale will become new owner of Plymouth Argyle Football Club as the Gibraltar based Irish consortium made the payment deadline and are now ready for contracts to be drawn up for the sale of the club. The still unidentified consortium will sell the club for Ridsdale for £1 after asset stripping the club of it’s stadium and land. I can’t see how this is the best deal for Plymouth Argyle; Brendan Guilfoyle has failed miserably in his administration of the club; he didn’t get the best deal for creditors nor did he get the best deal for the football club. I still think this was all orchestrated by Ridsdale and Guilfoyle from the start; I really wonder if there are grounds for the Department of Trade and Industry to investigate this sale of club and assets? So Argyle will be paying rent for the ground the stadium sits on and will have a very unpopular chairman and owner; deja vu it seems, back to the bad old days of Dan McCauley, Ironically back in what would have been the old football league division four.

The FIA are to continue to experiment with double DRS zones for the remainder of the year it has been announced. If they are to continue to use dual DRS zones; there needs to be separate detection zones for each DRS zone; if they continue with a single detection zone then it will never work. As we saw in Canada, the overtake was made and then DRS can be used again by the driver doing the overtaking to accelerate away. There needs to be a second detection zone so that the overtaken driver can use it to fight back in the second DRS zone. But no doubt the FIA won’t realise that as they seem to only have one working brain cell between the lot of them!

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