A mixed bag, 4th July, Formula 1 and Argyle!

I’ll start with some personal events; yesterday was America’s independence day so we spent much of he day outside in upto 104°F heat eating barbecue food and drinking beer; although I stayed away from the alcohol in that heat. First we enjoyed the barbecue outside our apartment put on by one of our neighbours and more importantly our autistic son, Conner got some much needed social interaction with other kids. After spending a couple of hours at our neighbours barbecue we went off to my wife’s work colleagues home where they had a giant inflatable water slide which Conner absolutely loved. And again it allowed for more social interaction which he coped with well with the exception of a couple of small meltdowns so all in all a very enjoyable day although I could have done without the extreme heat. The only downside was the fireworks being fired off all around us keeping the kids awake until almost 1am; which meant the wife and I couldn’t get any sleep either.

In Formula; some great news for the William F1 team; it was announced that the Grove based team will use Renault power from 2012 onwards. Harking back to the days when Williams were a force to be reckoned with claiming four drivers and five constructors titles. I hope that Williams can have a revival; once again being a real force in F1 but today’s F1 is very different from the time when Williams won those drivers and constructors titles. The deal will run for two years initially with an option to extend when the engine regulations come into effect. The new engine regulations have been ratified by the FIA and will be 1.6 litre V6 turbocharged engines equipped with energy recover system KERS. I don’t expect an immediate return to the front of the grid but hopefully this engine deal will push the team towards the front; at least fighting for good points positions.

Plymouth Argyle are on the brink of being sold and Peter Ridsdale will take sole ownership of the football club while offshore property developers will take ownership of the stadium and surrounding areas. I am not exactly thrilled about this prospect but it’s the way it’s going down unless something happens to scupper the deal at the last moment, so best to accept it and look to the future. Peter Reid has started rebuilding his beleaguered team signing defenders Robbie Williams and Durrell Berry, Reid is also looking to sign striker Liam Dickinson who was recently released from his Barnsley contract. All I know about these players is that all of them have found it hard to make it into first team football at previous clubs but this is League Two; so hopefully their skills will be good enough to help rebuild Argyle in the coming months and years ahead.

It seems that Paul Buttivant who also put in a bid to buy Plymouth Argyle back in April has hired private investigators to look in the events of the sale of Argyle. Like many Plymouth fans; he believes that there has been underhand dealings between Administrator Brendan Guilfoyle and Peter Ridsdale. Ridsdale came to the club as an advisor in December, Ridsdale also appointed Guilfoyle, Buttivant’s bid was dismissed out of hand by Guilfoyle, and the only bids entertained was those who would have Ridsdale in charge at Home Park! I think it’s all too much to be a coincidence, of course all concerned are vigorously denying any wrongdoing. I wonder what Buttivant is trying to achieve? even if the private investigators find wrong doing; the deal can not be undone.

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