Absolute financial nightmare!

In the last few weeks our finances have gone from stable, basically being able to pay everything we need to pay every month with $100 – $150 left over come the end of the month to having to sell some some games and DVD’s to put fuel in the car and cancelling both our cell phone services. Basically we have been hit by a double blow, our SSI payments have dwindled from $674 to $193 because the bureaucrats have decided to take account of our child support payments five months after granting us SSI. We informed the social security office when we applied that we receive child support to the tune of over $500. Now we have to pay back $67 per month out of the little SSI we get which puts extra strain on our finances. And now in a second cruel twist of fate, the child support payments have stopped so on top of the dwindling SSI payments we are down a further $520 per month, so in total we are down over $1000 per month in income. I’m sure that the SSI payments will increase once the bureaucrats take the lack of child support into account so it should increase; but not before September. Of course there is the chance that the SSI payments won’t increase despite not receiving child support; I have no faith in government departments to do the right thing; or even do the job they are paid to do properly. Government departments are useless the world over from what I have experienced and read about over the years. My wife gets paid sub $500 twice monthly after taxes and health insurance payments which amounts to $260 per two weeks. This simply isn’t sustainable for any period of time; my father has sent over $300 to get the kids some presents for their birthdays/Christmas but that is likely to have to go on basics like keeping our electricity on; our last bill which is still to be paid is $137 plus we have to cobble together $270 for tags (road tax) on the cars. It’s an absolute nightmare scenario we are facing; our saving grace is that we get a free apartment as part of my wife’s work!

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