I’ve converted to Android!

After the back and forth with T-Mobile; I have converted to a two year contract which oddly cost me $18; you would think it’d be free as you are locked into a contract for two years, but ho-hum! The phone I wanted to get was a Samsung Galaxy S which is the reason I felt so frustrated yesterday; their sticker price is misleading; the price the display is the price after the $50 mail-in rebate, anyway you can read about that in edit #3 of the previous Blog entry. The phone I eventually settled on was the Samsung Exhibit 4G for $79 after mail-in rebate; which has all the functionality of the Galaxy S but with a smaller screen, 3.5in screen as opposed to 4in of the Galaxy S and the Galaxy S just looks sleeker, more Android like. The Exhibit itself is a fairly nice phone, I like the way it syncs your contacts and calendar entries with Google, it can also sync with Twitter, Facebook & Skype but that gets messy as you end up with multiple entries for the same contacts. I love how quick this phone is; there seems to be no lag; I love the screen gestures to zoom and drag in the browser, and the amount of free apps available is great. And I have been pleasantly surprised by the 4G connectivity. Downsides for me is the on-screen keyboard; although responsive it’s hard to type; maybe it’s because my fingers are too big? Turning it into landscape mode helps but I still manage to hit the wrong key one in three times. And the other thing that bugs me somewhat is not being able to use a stylus with the touchscreen like I did with my previous phone! Overall I am happy, I really wanted a bigger screen, hence why I liked the Galaxy S; my fingers are too big to be able to speed text, just texting is somewhat of a challenge!

Update [22 July 2011 @ 17:00]: A few more little niggles about the phone and T-Mobile; the phone has VOIP functionality with it’s WI-FI calling feature but unlike I have seen reviewed; I still have to use minutes to make calls despite not using the T-Mobile network. So for me WI-FI calling is completely pointless as signal strength is pretty strong in Wichita. The other thing is that for some reason when I take a photo in portrait mode; it gets reoriented to landscape hence much smaller, seems the photo viewer doesn’t work with the phone’s built in accelerometer. These are little issues I know but it doesn’t bug me any less, I will have to learn to live with it!

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