My wife and the reason she infuriates me so…

This blog entry is a little self indulgent but I feel the need to rant so here it comes. Every time at the end of the month when finances are running low my wife keeps on bringing up that she needs a second job which annoys me massively as she doesn’t see the kids enough all ready plus I didn’t give up everything to move to the US to be a single parent. Financially we could be better off; but who couldn’t? when we did have two incomes; at the end of the month we still had no money; we always live within our means. I was bringing home (net) wages of over $2000 while my wife was bringing home about $1200 per month + child support payments. Now we have an income of approximately $2000 per month from all income streams and we are doing fine. Since I took over managing our finances; all our bills are paid before my wife’s second paycheque so that second wage packet is going on groceries, fast food and other things like clothing and entertainment.

This month we had gotten hit by an additional $150 cost; my daughter broke by eyeglasses so we had to go get a new pair for me; admittedly this has made things financially tighter than ideal but we still entered the new month with just under $60 and currently have $250.01 to our name after receiving our ever decreasing SSI payment (that’s a whole other issue). We also have four child support payments of $130 plus two wages payments of $550 -$600. Things will be tight this coming month as well as we have to find $270 for the tags (road tax) on our two cars but once that is out the way we’ll be back to normal. Clearly my wife doesn’t need a second job which is probably not going to be worthwhile given the fact that she’ll be taxed heavily on that second income plus costs like additional fuel cost and maybe fast food costs. There’s also the personal cost; not seeing the kids hardly at all; what effect will that have on the kids? And the fact that my wife has trouble staying awake behind the wheel at the best of times. How will she manage late at night coming home, I’d rather not have my wife involved in an car accident because of being over-tired. This is an argument we have every month and it is really starting to grind me down; I worry that this constant issue is going to destroy our marriage, our finances are not that bad; if we can afford to take a three day trip to Arkansas; our finances must be in reasonably good order.

I would like to work but it seems that jobs either pay too little, are very short term or are none existent; at least in my case; I’ve applied for over a thousand jobs in the past year and have only had one interview, what’s up with that? I need a minimum or $12/$13 per hour based on a 40 hour week to balance out the costs of daycare services; especially during summer months when we have two kids in daycare; that alone is likely to cost at least $200 – $250 per week then add the cost of running two cars every day at $50 – $60 per week in gas, my Chevy used to take $55 in gas every two weeks when working previously and my average daily mileage was only six miles. $8/ $9 per hour simply isn’t going to cut it; that’s simply working to pay a day care provider!

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