With Silverstone around the corner…

The British Grand Prix kicks off in anger in just three days time and the biggest talking point is the banning of the use of off throttle exhaust gases which many see as an attempt to slow down Red Bull. The Austrian team initially said that the rule change will cost the team upto half a second per lap but later said that they never used off throttle exhaust gases and the changes will not effect them and may even make them faster. I think that it’s Red Bull team principle Christian Horner putting some propaganda out there after Dr Dr. Helmut Marko told the press that it will hit Red Bull by 1/2 per lap. The truth is no-one knows what effect these changes will have; lots of engineers, drivers and team bosses have voiced their opinions (which is mostly propaganda) but the only time we’ll know will be Sunday afternoon. Personally I think that Ferrari will be the big winners with their superior mechanical grip, I believe McLaren and Red Bull are the teams that invested heavily in the Exhaust Blown Diffuser so are likely to be hit hardest by the ban! Of course this ban is complete bullshit; it’s FIA meddling plain and simple; trying to manipulate the season after Red Bull have disappeared into the distance in both championships. It was known that the EBD system infringed the rules well before the start of the season yet the FIA did nothing, why ban the off throttle engine mapping now after half the season is over and done with? It should have been banned before the start of the season or before the start of next season!

From a personal point of view; I like it to rain on race day as my favourite driver Jenson Button is supreme in the wet as proved in Canada; the three wins Jenson has notched up in the past 18 months have all been in the wet. I also would like to see Mark Webber and Kamui Kobayashi up there at the sharp end denying world champion elect Sebastian Vettel a podium position for the first time this season. But sadly it’s looking like a wet Friday (practice) but a dry Saturday (qualifying) and Sunday (race). Hopefully Jenson can still turn it on and prove that he can win in the dry; if for no other reason than to silence his detractors, the comparisons to Lewis Hamilton is ridiculous; two very different styles of driving, both have their strengths and weaknesses.

The rumours that Lewis Hamilton is off to pastures new in 2012 have continued; of course that destination is rumoured to be Red Bull alongside Sebastian Vettel. Red Bull team principle Christian Horner has poured cold water on the rumour saying that Hamilton does not suit Red Bull’s philosophy but the rumour refuses to die. I hope that Hamilton exercises the get our clause in his contract should he not win the drivers title or the team fails to win the constructors title this season (which is highly likely) so he can stop being such a whinny cry baby. Personally I would like Hamilton to go to Red Bull so he can have the fastest car as he demands and have Mark Webber move to McLaren alongside Jenson Button, I believe that would be a good partnership for McLaren!

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