And the cycle starts over…

Today is the first day of 2nd grade schooling for my son Conner and we have started the same routine over… All summer long he has been getting up at roughly 8am every morning and would want breakfast straight away and scoff it down like there’s no tomorrow, today, I wake him at 8am, he doesn’t want to get up and he doesn’t want to eat. He eventually eats the two pop-tarts I gave him after thirty minutes of badgering him. Then we decide to walk to school, leaving at 8:40am, the 1/8th of a mile walk took nearly 25 minutes because Conner kept on stopping a whining, dragging his heals, so we were late for his first day. I don’t want to take the car for such a short journey, plus parking at the school is diabolical, suffice to say, not a good start to the new school year!

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