Android 2.3.3: What a Power Hog!

I’ve had my Android 2.3.3 powered Samsung Exhibit for about three weeks and I have been immensely frustrated by the amount of battery power that is eaten up. For some reason, Wi-Fi calling is continuously using up 10% of the battery along with lots of other pre-installed apps that I have never used or want, Such as Google Latitude, T-Mobile App Pack, Mail, Name, and TV, Telenav GPS and more, none of which can be uninstalled. I want to be able to root my phone so I can have full control over the device to be able to remove all the bloatware/resource hogging software. Unfortunately because I am running the latest version of Gingerbread so there is no rooting software available at this time, I’m hoping that someone will find an exploit soon so I can make my phone better by killing all the crapware! Right now battery life is between 12 – 18 hours; I’ll lose 50% – 60% battery just on idle for 8 – 10 hours without even touching the phone. Wi-F1 is set to turn off when the screen goes off; GPS is disabled, Bluetooth is disabled and still a massive power drain, seems that this is a common problem with Gingerbread! Just to annoy me more; my phone isn’t usable with Samsung Kies so I am unable to upgrade to new versions of Android!

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