Another Guilfoyle deadline comes and goes…

Today we hear that Plymouth Argyle administrator Brendan Guilfoyle has let another deadline slide because he has assurances (but still no money to fund the takeover) from Kevin Heaney. Now first thing that springs to mind listening to the interview with Gordon Sparks is Guilfoyle’s statement “We asked for proof of funds from Bishop Internation Limited, the company that Kevin Heaney is behind…”, I remember a while back that Guilfoyle said if he found Heaney was involved with Bishop Intl, he would scupper the deal, clearly that was a throwaway statement! Anyway moving on, Guilfoyle continued on to say “We haven’t had proof of funds today, but what we have had from his solicitors is evidence of a funding line that he is working on” – which surely means that Heaney has lied consistently as he has claimed that Bishop Intl had funding in place. And there’s more nonsense, Guilfoyle continued “We set a deadline of today, we keep the deal under review, we’re content the deal is moving forward all the time, as long as he is moving forward we are happy to go”. How many more deadlines before the Bishop Intl exclusivity deal is null and void? It’s clear to everyone that Bishop/Heaney don’t have funding, Heaney himself has financial issues and is looking to sell property he owns to stabilise his finances if the rumours I’ve heard are true! The future of Argyle is looking very shaky right now, the players and staff have not been paid full wages for nine months, the Football League are understandably dubious about the situation with Heaney who already owns a football club being involved and the very dodgy background of Peter Ridsdale! Guilfoyle is “trying” to complete the deal by the end of this week, which of course relies on Heaney/BIL being good on their word, which I don’t believe for a moment! I have also heard the suggestion that Biship Intl & Heaney are dragging the deal out in the hope that the club will be liquidated and they’ll be able to buy it’s assets e.g. the stadium and surrounding land for pennies!

Listen the full interview with Gordon Sparks giving Guilfoyle a hard time.

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