Family day ruined by employer!

Today was supposed to be a family day at the zoo; we had planned to leave promptly at 1pm after my wife opened the clubhouse where she works for a baby shower for one of the residents, but the people who hired the clubhouse didn’t turn upto 2pm, which meant that we didn’t get to the zoo until close to 2:30pm which only left us 2 1/2 hours in the zoo as it closes at 5pm in the middle of summer, which doesn’t make sense in itself! Then when we left the zoo, we had to drive all the way home to get my wife’s phone which she forgot just in case the people hiring the clubhouse called. Which added about 15 miles to our trip as we intended to go to my wife’s mothers house for dinner who lived across town. We get a free apartment which also ties my wife’s work to the roof over our head, it feels like we are in prison as we can’t go anywhere without my wife being called back to lock/unlock the clubhouse or deal with some other shit that is happening on the property, I hope I can find work soon so we can move away removing the huge weight around our ankle(s).

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