How can my wife fail to understand why I’m angry?

Pretty much every days I hear “I don’t make enough to support a family” from my wife, yet she is willing to go out and buy fast food while I bust my balls trying to work out a way to pay all of our bills, buy groceries, pay off debts and save enough money for her to get a $150 Anaesthetic shot (which our medical insurance won’t cover) when she gets a spinal injection to relieve the back pain she has because of the car wreck (rear ended) we got involved in nine months ago. She completely fails to understand why I get angry when she spends money that was supposed to be used to do laundry, so now we are another $20 down as I can’t get any less than $20 from an ATM! Every time my wife spends money on fast food instead of coming home for food, it puts a dent in my game plan to pay everything we need to pay. I don’t eat enough food each day to save a little money, I don’t buy new clothes when I really need them, I even sit here day after day without the TV or music on to save a little more cash, and yet my wife still doesn’t understand why I get angry!

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