It’s going to be an uphill battle for Argyle this season!

Three home games in eight days and three losses, Peter Reid’s young side simply aren’t cutting it, maybe they’ll improve, maybe they won’t but one thing is for sure, if they don’t improve Football League survival will be on the line come end of the season if the club isn’t liquidated before then! The Pilgrims (in administration, still) are facing a tough time unless regular points start coming their way, the more games my home town team go without points, the harder it’ll be to overhaul teams above us, currently the new look Argyle are struggling at this level, making lots of rookie errors. This evening’s match against AFC Wimbledon was no different; two goals conceded in a six minute period of play after half time, both scored by Jack Midson from close range. It seems that the defence needs to be strengthened big time as the back four are shipping water like crazy right now and the attack doesn’t look very potent either! I would bet that the lack of wages and the ongoing trouble with the sale of the club is not helping matters, the sale should have been completed way before the start of the season, Mr. Guilfoyle; you have a lot to answer for. I wouldn’t dream of criticising the manager, Peter Reid has done a fantastic job of attracting players to an effectively bankrupt football club! The staff at Home Park are absolutely amazing, still working for a club that hasn’t paid them a full wage packet for nine months, the loyalty at the club is phenomenal, it’s only thanks to the players and staff going unpaid, that the club is still alive!

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